Friday, September 14, 2012

Playing catch up...

So I don't really have any desire to go through the past 5 months worth of pictures and do a new post for each different event... so I went through iphoto and chose my favorite pictures and decided I'll do one or two posts with some pictures and a few captions.  I decided I would actually do some "real" blog posts starting with our trip to Ohio and work my way up until the present.

The thing is... I actually rarely grab my camera anymore.  I don't know why that is, but honestly I've grown ok with this.  For a long time I had my camera with me 24/7- I was always thinking about how I could best fit my camera in the bag I was carrying... and one day I got tired of doing that, so I stopped.  But after some time I've realized that I'm missing some fun stuff... and as I look back on these moments I'm sad I didn't capture more of those amazing moments.  So my goal is to find a better balance in all the hustle and bustle of a new year...

Zac has a new found interest in Beyblades... these, of course, were purchased for Deacon, but Zachary LOVES the t.v. show and has managed to dig out every single Beyblade that we own and plays with them non-stop.  Essentially a Beyblade is a spinning top... and you "battle" each other.  So these pictures are of Zachary and Nana having a few Beyblade Battles
"3-2-1 LET 'ER RIP!"

 SO much fun to battle with Nana!!!

 These two pictures were taken at a birthday party while they were being read a story.  Deacon was so sweet holding Zachary's hand- and then took it to a new sweetness level when he sat there rubbing his hand.  Oh the tears that were in my eyes... I love when Deacon chooses, on his own, to be a supportive big brother to Zachary- and while these moments are not too often, when they happen, I appreciate more than words can say.  

Zachary LOVES this book... even looking at the cover is enough to send him into hysterical laughter- but when Nana reads him the story? The kid is in fits... he laughs the entire time the book is being read to him.  

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