Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LA Trip Day 2

Today we went to California Adventure- which was, by far, a much better park than Knott's Berry Farm. The boys had so much fun... well, until one of the rides freaked out Logan, and then things sort of went a bit downhill, but that's ok- that thankfully happened at the end of the day when we didn't have many rides left.  Both kids are being so good and are really being well behaved... but as much as fun as they're having at the organized activities (parks, restaurants, etc...) they are LOVING just hanging out in the hotel room and at the hotels heated outdoor pool and jacuzzi.

 Waiting in line for their favorite ride... Toy Story Mania!  We waited for an hour (which really isn't that long considering how long it got by the end of the day) and the boys did pretty well... especially once we gave them our phones to play with.  

 You might not know this by the first picture, but Deacon really was excited to be on this ride... the other boy?  Not so much.  The funny thing is that he had just gotten off a really scary roller coaster- so this ferris wheel should have been a piece of cake for him, but it was definitely NOT.  He was pretty upset, but Deacon, on the other hand, did great... which is VERY unlike him.  Deacon never rides rides and is a complete wimp when it comes to this stuff.  

 Deacon got a surge of bravery after the stint on the ferris wheel and finally decided he wanted to ride almost everything we passed... and Logan decided he was DONE.  Thankfully Ed likes to ride rides so I could stay off them (they get me sick).  

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