Saturday, March 31, 2012

iphone pics

This is Deacon's report on the dinosaur of his choice- the Quetzulcoatlus.  When we asked him which dinosaur he wanted to choose he looked at us like we were idiots... "Um, the Quetzulcoatlus, of course!"  

Zachary loves loves loves our friend Ed... so it's fair to say that Zachary fell in love with him even more this day when Ed brought out the guitar, the microphone and a few other digital musical toys for Zachary to play with.  Our boy was in heaven.  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cute randoms from March

 What happens when you leave a 3 year old alone in the tub with paint

 This boy is obsessed with the window in our bedroom and most mornings will insist on it being open... and he's recently taken to trying to open it himself- quite unsuccessfully, I might add. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Zachary's birthday party our boy was SO excited about his birthday party with his best friends... and I am so happy we went ahead and did it.  I was skeptical- I didn't want to have a birthday party like this for him until he turned 4- mainly because I learned early on with Deacon that kids do not care at all about these parties... it's all for mom and dad.  And with a kid like Zachary, who gets overwhelmed easily, we always figured a little party at home was for the best anyway.  But not this year... Zac was insistent.  We were not going to get out of a party for him.  And guess what?  Zachary was right.  He should have had a party this year- it was perfect.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Monster Baby!!!

I simply cannot believe this baby boy is 3 already... not a day goes by that I am not amazed by the idea that he truly is not a baby anymore.  These 3 years have flown by- and he remains the best surprise of my life.  Zachary embodies every characteristic which we so lovingly refer to as the "terrible 2's and 3's"- he embraces his place in this family as the "little monster"and it kinda scares me how good he is at charming his way out of his bad behaviors.

Zachary knew his birthday was coming... and I thought that I could get away with one more year of having just a small family birthday party.  Boy was I wrong.  A couple months ago Zac started talking about this lavish birthday party he was planning for himself that involved ALL his friends and family- and when I suggested maybe a small gathering, he acted as if I just asked him to cut off his right hand.  So, he I decided that maybe a small birthday party involving some of his friends would be the way to go... I also came up with the idea of taking little goody-bags and treats to Ms. Tanier's house and so it would seem like a mini-party at school as well.

The day of his birthday started off as any birthday in our family will start off... we woke him up by singing "Happy Birthday"- and he couldn't have been more excited when we opened that door and started our song.  He immediately jumped up and down on his bed yelling and clapping... adorableness.  He enjoyed his breakfast- he requested cake... and honestly, how could I turn it down?  How much less healthy is cake compared to donuts?  I can't imagine there's any sort of difference... at least that's what I keep telling myself!

Our kiki-monster had a great birthday... as much as I may complain or make snide remarks about his behaviors, I adore my "spirited" child.  I simply cannot imagine how dull our lives would be without his presence... and I feel so blessed for the presence he brings to this family.

 {someone was getting a touch jealous of all the attention being placed on the "other" brother}

Deacon could not stand how slowly Zac was opening his gifts... so we finally let Deacon "help"  

 Our traditional birthday dinner... Coniglio Family Spaghetti Sauce