Tuesday, February 21, 2012

iPhone catch-up

So in the past 2 months I have been taking SO many pictures with my iPhone... I feel badly I haven't used my wonderful camera, but I'm glad I at least was smart enough to use some sort of picture taking device during my time off.

So hunker down... I narrowed it down to my favorite 26 ;-)

This is how I found Zachary one day after nap... he went to bed with footie pj's on.

Zachary was waiting for Ed.

Looking good in mama's underwear 


A few hours after my surgery... both boys were super needy

"winter mintestrone" - the best soup I've made in a long time

This picture is for my mom...

 I went to Carden to work on the class project for the crab feed

Upset baby boy

A typical way to spend Sunday morning with Zachary

I was trying out my new rollers and Zac was jealous... so Damien helped him out a bit while he brushed his teeth.  

A close up of the 1st grade class project (thanks to my mother-in-law for painting the background, the heart and the quote)

My top two dresses for the crab feed... I ended up wearing the blue one (the gold one was my favorite, but it was SO itchy and hot that I knew I wouldn't survive more than 10 minutes in it)

My new favorite accessory! - my nose RING :) 

Zachary was SO proud of this necklace he made me :) 

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