Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Presidents Day!

Ed and I took Deacon and Logan to San Francisco today while Damien worked and Zachary spent the day with Ms. Serena.  The day was sorta rough with the two kids- one being a typical 6 year old (crazy and sassy) and the other being sick (and grumpy and sassy to boot)... but with the promise of the jelly belly factory and a new (used) game from Game Stop, we got through the trip without a hitch ;-)

The only time I brought out the camera was at the Golden Gate Bridge... and it was absolutely gorgeous up there today.  Sadly, however, the highlight of this part of the trip was when Logan found a huge banana slug and chased Deacon around with it.  LOL

The unfortunate part about the trip is that Deacon was so sick by the time we got back into town... poor boy :(

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