Friday, December 30, 2011


Deacon and I took a road trip with our good friends, Ed & Logan... it was a total last minute decision to drive to Yosemite and spend the night- and I'm so happy we did, because everyone had a great time.  I've never been there and have really been wanting to go... and this couldn't have been more ideal- the weather was supposed to be in the low 40's, however, we showed up and it was mid-60's... on top of that, the place wasn't crowded at all.  Ed was amazing and found us a great place to stay - a little cabin with no t.v., phones (or phone service), or internet access... that's about as hardcore as it gets for me, by the way.

It was a great little get-away...

Logan kept asking if we could stop so he could play in some snow... and this as as good as it got- but they had SO much fun with it.  

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