Sunday, December 4, 2011

{not so} relaxing weekend

As working parents, the weekends are priceless to us... and I generally try to reserve a good portion of the weekend for us to just sit back and do nothing.  But not this weekend.  This weekend was spent on the go the entire time... and I'm not complaining- honest.  I'm not.  I just find it exhausting to spend the entire weekend in the car and out and about.  But the kids had a blast... and at the end of the day, that really means the most to me- so long as this isn't something we need to deal with every weekend ;-) 

Our Sunday started off at Tower Cafe and the Farmers Market with Ed & Logan... the kids loved playing at the near empty playground across the street- I think most people were avoiding the park due to the fact that it was really chilly out.  Then this afternoon it was off to Lily's birthday party... and it's so much fun lately that Zac is old enough to go to these sorts of events- because he has a blast... and he's such a ham in front of all the other moms.  We came home from the party and got the kids in the tub and then in their pi's... and it was off to embark on our new Sunday tradition - driving around town and looking at Christmas lights while eating dinner in the car... and this, my friends, was my favorite part of the entire weekend.

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Lisa B. said...

Yes, nothing is better than just sitting & relaxing! Even as a SAHM, often Phoenix just wants nothing more than to play card/trains. He doesn't need to go-go-go... and I'm trying to let go of trying to schedule things to do all the time. Oh, and what the heck is in that first photo? It's SOOO pretty.