Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas this year... Zachary really "got it" and was SO insanely excited about Santa.  Both boys were crazy about waking up early this morning and made sure we went downstairs right at 6:30 like we promised.  Zac did a great job opening gifts- he would open them, get excited and then move on... whereas last year it took him forever to open all his gifts because he wanted to play with each of them.  Deacon, of course, tore through them all and then decided which to play with.

After gift opening my dad and I got to work with preparing breakfast- french toast, bacon (which I ruined) and omelets.  Ed came over for a bit to play with the kids and eat breakfast- which the boys loved.  The rest of the day was spent playing, relaxing and watching movies... though by the end of the day, Zac was definitely overwhelmed and needed to go to bed early.

Favorite gifts this year:
Deacon- DaGeDar's (given by Grandma and Grandpa), Beyblades (Santa), Hex Bugs (Uncle Derek) and  Perry the Platypus radio (Grammy & Grumpy).

Zachary- DJ turntable (mommy & daddy), electric drumset (mommy & daddy), Hex Bugs (Uncle Derek), Spiderman sheets (nana and beeba) and his cupcake (Santa)

Mommy- Sequence coach clutch (given by Damien)

Damien- Keurig Coffee Maker (given by Amanda)

Zachary "helping" daddy put together his new Thomas the Train set

 Obligatory family picture... the boys actually cooperated (with the promise of jelly beans and cupcakes if they smiled)  

This is actually Deacon's gift, but Zac LOVED it so much and wouldn't take it off, LOL

Deacon with his new Beyblade launcher

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