Monday, December 12, 2011

Lack of Motivation

This is one of the reasons I dislike blogging... I really don't like feeling pressure to blog- and thankfully I don't get those feelings as much anymore- but I still feel really guilty when I look back on the week and realize I literally only took a handful of pictures.  I'm realizing this holiday season I am lacking motivation... it's seriously GONE and I have no clue where to find it.

Not only have I been a terrible photographer and blogger lately, I still don't have my Christmas cards ordered... let alone an idea figured out.  It's bad this year.  I've never been this behind- and in fact, I've seriously contemplated NOT doing a card.

So this weekend I decided to take the boys out for a photoshoot.  I love when people use those cute wooden letters to spell things... so I thought our family could spell out "L-O-V-E."  Cute idea in theory- but it didn't turn out well at all- mainly because I have a toddler who doesn't enjoy cooperating when given specific instructions.  Also, it was cold outside... and, as we later found out, Zac was not feeling well at all (we learned this fact when he started barfing at 9pm Sunday night).

So at some point all you can do is laugh... and think, "I'll do better next year... or not."

Here are the outtakes from my attempts to get a good Christmas card photo... and even a couple "good" shots thrown in there too.

 It's real rough to be Zachary.

Hitting Bubby.

Smile like this??? 

We tell him to hold out his letter for the camera and he yells, "NO!" and does this instead... 

Fighting over who got to look through the "O"

He's done... and to further prove this point, he is throwing his letter off the bed.

And here's a semi-cute one... 

These are ones that I really liked... too bad you can't spell anything with those 3 letters.

I love this picture... 

{p.s. if I do a Christmas card this year I won't be using any of the pictures from any of the shoots this weekend, LOL}


Natalie said...

We get 3 or 4 cards from people each year. We never send them out. Joseph said he wanted to, and with a family photo. And I laughed at him. A. I weigh more than I care to show my long lost friends and relatives, and B. everyone in a good photo would be impossible and C. I still have mailed my 8 month old's birth announcements to everyone on the list! But I blog!

Lisa B. said...

WHAT?! You've got the kids fighting over the "O" - that's perfect! The other pics are great too - but there's nothing wrong with a nice candid shot. Back when I was working, my boss's family always had a pro photographer come in and take photos of his family, looking all posh in their nice home... and one year, the photo they went with was one of kids crying, adults making 'please stop crying' faces, etc. It was great!

Krianca said...

I vote for the "E" pic. Actually, can I just have a nice copy because I really like your ass in those jeans. Like a white J-Lo.