Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve- Presents!!!

Our tradition is to open gifts from Grammy & Grumpy and Uncle Derek on Christmas Eve... for a couple reasons.  First of all, I don't want their gifts to get lost in the shuffle on Christmas morning- I want them to be special and be something the kids look forward to opening.  Secondly, Damien's family would open gifts on Christmas Eve when they were little.  And lastly- it's how I did it growing up... when my family got home from mass there would be gifts from Grandparents, my siblings and my aunts/uncles-- I loved it!

So the kids love this tradition... you should have seen Zac's face when he saw gifts under the tree.  He went CUH-RAZY!  Seriously he went nuts and wanted to open the first gift he saw, which just happened to be Deacon's... and even when we showed him which one was his, he was still throwing a fit.  Poor thing is so tired he doesn't know which way is up...

Anyways, the gifts were a HUGE success... the boys wanted to play with EVERYTHING immediately.  So we listened to Deacon's iPod on his new Perry the Platypus stereo while playing with Hex bugs.... life is good.

Thanks Grammy, Grumpy & Uncle Derek!!!

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