Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve- Dovewood Court

My family is complete and the holidays are truly upon us... my mom and dad are both here and the kids are in heaven (who am I fooling? - I am too!).  It's too bad, however, that both my parents caught whatever Zac and I had last week... and it seems as though the stomach virus that got them is a TON worse than when we had it :(  Thankfully both parents seem to be feeling a touch better and are able to move around a bit.  We started our evening as we always do on Christmas Eve- we got in the car and drove out to Dovewood Court.  We met our friends and the kids had a blast... this place may take forever to get to (well, at least that's what my dad thinks) but it is so well worth it with how much fun the kids have.

 Are these two not the cutest???  Deacon is just so in love with Lexy... he gets so excited to see her and then when he's around her he spends the whole time showing off.  Jeff & Joline better get ready, I think this is a sign of what's to come... sooner rather than later if Deacon can help it!
 {these two pictures taken by Joline with her camera}

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