Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Calendars

My boys LOVE doing Advent calendars... and this year they're in Heaven since we are not only doing the calendar that Nana made for them, but also a Lego calendar.  They're having such a good time doing this... originally I was going to get two "toy" advent calendars for the kids (like the Lego one)- that way each boy got to open a toy each day- but I'm re-thinking this idea... I like the idea that they don't get a "gift" each day- that they have to share this.  And this is hard for both of my boys.  It's hard for Zac because he's a baby and doesn't share well... and it's hard for Deacon because he's never had to share something like this before in this capacity.  But I think it's a good lesson for them, and so far it's been a good experience.  
I was worried, at first, that with the addition of the Lego calendar that that they wouldn't be interested in the Advent calendar that my mom made them.  Boy was I wrong.  As with every other year, they absolutely loved it... as I did when I was a kid.  
 Putting together his Lego that he got from his calendar

p.s. Notice the new haircuts??? I know it's not too drastic- which is exactly what I wanted... we found  new fantastic hair stylist for Zachary.  He doesn't do well with getting his hair cut, so we need someone who can deal with him throwing a fit- and can do this FAST.  This lady did such a great job- I know the hair cut isn't the most amazing thing ever- but if you saw how he was acting you would be a lot more impressed, LOL.

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