Saturday, December 31, 2011

A year in review... 2011

I love putting this together... it's so great looking back on our year and choosing my favorite blog posts from each month.  I really tried my hardest to narrow it down to 2-3 a month, but that's impossible... we're just such an exciting family, I'm lucky I narrowed it down to 5 or less ;-)

So here's to looking forward and celebrating a new year... while celebrating and being grateful for an amazing year.

Happy 2012!!!

See you soon, Nana
We just can't cut it
Zac sings the ABC's

Cin-City Chili
Happiness is...
I never want to forget...
Extended Bottle Feeding

Hooray for Carden School
He's two
New House
Best Friends

For Sale {almost}
His first haircut
Alice in Wonderland
Bunk Bed!

My mom and I
Carden's Mother's Day Tea
Scavenger Hunts
Deacon turns 6

Carden 8th grade graduation
Happy Father's Day
Someone is feeling better

Outdoor fun & date night
Out and about
The Gerold's are here!
African Safari & Cedar Point
Our last night

Kidney troubles
Super Hero
In bed
My mom is here

Reason to celebrate
A cub scout and a frog
First day of 1st grade
Rain gutter regatta
A visit from the tooth fairy

Happy Birthday, Damien
His first ride in an ambulance
Carden Harvest Faire
Growing up

Yo Gabba Gabba
Black Friday
Outside decorations

A California Winter
Lack of Motivation
The Stomach Flu
Merry Christmas

Adios 2011!

A quiet new years eve for us, which is just fine for me... though we did plan on going to see firework (but decided against it due to crowds).  Damien and I went out for an early dinner and ended back home in time to celebrate "east coast" new years eve with Deacon and Grandma... I plan on being asleep by midnight... though we just may set our alarms for 11:59... maybe... or not.

See you all in the new year... Love you all!- enjoy our last photoshoot of 2011!

 {photo's above and below taken with my iPhone}

Friday, December 30, 2011


Deacon and I took a road trip with our good friends, Ed & Logan... it was a total last minute decision to drive to Yosemite and spend the night- and I'm so happy we did, because everyone had a great time.  I've never been there and have really been wanting to go... and this couldn't have been more ideal- the weather was supposed to be in the low 40's, however, we showed up and it was mid-60's... on top of that, the place wasn't crowded at all.  Ed was amazing and found us a great place to stay - a little cabin with no t.v., phones (or phone service), or internet access... that's about as hardcore as it gets for me, by the way.

It was a great little get-away...

Logan kept asking if we could stop so he could play in some snow... and this as as good as it got- but they had SO much fun with it.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

See you later, Grandpa :(

Grandpa went back to Ohio today... I'm a bit sad that the majority of his visit was spent with my mom sick and then partially with him sick.  But the kids were pretty thrilled to have him here, regardless, and didn't give him much of a break ever.  I'm also on a bit of an anti-camera kick lately, so I seriously have no pictures with my dad and Zac... which I feel very badly about.  But at least I got smart and took these pictures right before Deacon went to bed...

Monday, December 26, 2011

The day after

Every so often these two can truly entertain themselves and have a good time with each other... and today was one of those days.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas this year... Zachary really "got it" and was SO insanely excited about Santa.  Both boys were crazy about waking up early this morning and made sure we went downstairs right at 6:30 like we promised.  Zac did a great job opening gifts- he would open them, get excited and then move on... whereas last year it took him forever to open all his gifts because he wanted to play with each of them.  Deacon, of course, tore through them all and then decided which to play with.

After gift opening my dad and I got to work with preparing breakfast- french toast, bacon (which I ruined) and omelets.  Ed came over for a bit to play with the kids and eat breakfast- which the boys loved.  The rest of the day was spent playing, relaxing and watching movies... though by the end of the day, Zac was definitely overwhelmed and needed to go to bed early.

Favorite gifts this year:
Deacon- DaGeDar's (given by Grandma and Grandpa), Beyblades (Santa), Hex Bugs (Uncle Derek) and  Perry the Platypus radio (Grammy & Grumpy).

Zachary- DJ turntable (mommy & daddy), electric drumset (mommy & daddy), Hex Bugs (Uncle Derek), Spiderman sheets (nana and beeba) and his cupcake (Santa)

Mommy- Sequence coach clutch (given by Damien)

Damien- Keurig Coffee Maker (given by Amanda)

Zachary "helping" daddy put together his new Thomas the Train set

 Obligatory family picture... the boys actually cooperated (with the promise of jelly beans and cupcakes if they smiled)  

This is actually Deacon's gift, but Zac LOVED it so much and wouldn't take it off, LOL

Deacon with his new Beyblade launcher

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hot stuff

Every year we get pj's on Christmas Eve... and unfortunately for my mom we let Deacon pick out hers almost every year.  


Christmas Eve- Presents!!!

Our tradition is to open gifts from Grammy & Grumpy and Uncle Derek on Christmas Eve... for a couple reasons.  First of all, I don't want their gifts to get lost in the shuffle on Christmas morning- I want them to be special and be something the kids look forward to opening.  Secondly, Damien's family would open gifts on Christmas Eve when they were little.  And lastly- it's how I did it growing up... when my family got home from mass there would be gifts from Grandparents, my siblings and my aunts/uncles-- I loved it!

So the kids love this tradition... you should have seen Zac's face when he saw gifts under the tree.  He went CUH-RAZY!  Seriously he went nuts and wanted to open the first gift he saw, which just happened to be Deacon's... and even when we showed him which one was his, he was still throwing a fit.  Poor thing is so tired he doesn't know which way is up...

Anyways, the gifts were a HUGE success... the boys wanted to play with EVERYTHING immediately.  So we listened to Deacon's iPod on his new Perry the Platypus stereo while playing with Hex bugs.... life is good.

Thanks Grammy, Grumpy & Uncle Derek!!!

Christmas Eve- Dovewood Court

My family is complete and the holidays are truly upon us... my mom and dad are both here and the kids are in heaven (who am I fooling? - I am too!).  It's too bad, however, that both my parents caught whatever Zac and I had last week... and it seems as though the stomach virus that got them is a TON worse than when we had it :(  Thankfully both parents seem to be feeling a touch better and are able to move around a bit.  We started our evening as we always do on Christmas Eve- we got in the car and drove out to Dovewood Court.  We met our friends and the kids had a blast... this place may take forever to get to (well, at least that's what my dad thinks) but it is so well worth it with how much fun the kids have.

 Are these two not the cutest???  Deacon is just so in love with Lexy... he gets so excited to see her and then when he's around her he spends the whole time showing off.  Jeff & Joline better get ready, I think this is a sign of what's to come... sooner rather than later if Deacon can help it!
 {these two pictures taken by Joline with her camera}