Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba

Thanks to Nana and BeeBa for the tickets... not only did we get to see the show- we got to go backstage and meet everyone after the show.  It was such a fun experience and Zac had such a great time (ok, so did Damien and I).  This was the first time Damien and I have ever gone out on a date with just Zachary... I think Zac definitely enjoyed the 1:1 attention from us while hubby got to stay at school extra long tonight.
For the first part of the show Zachary stayed very calm and just wanted to sit in his own seat and watch... no dancing and no singing.  Just sitting and watching.  Close to intermission he started getting into it (so long as he had his paci in his mouth) and by the end of the show he was TOTALLY into it.  He was never scared of anything... such a brave kid!  At the "party" afterwards he was very willing to go up to each character and have his picture taken- and he was particularly thrilled when DJ Lance and Biz Markie came out.  DJ Lance and Biz weren't scheduled to do any sort of photo ops but because Zac was in the front row and so cute he was able to get some individualized attention.  Zac was so taken aback by Biz Markie- his hero- that he just stared in awe the entire time Biz was talking... and then when Biz asked for a hug Zac wouldn't let go.  It was so sweet.  A very fun night... and Zachary talked about it the entire way home and into bedtime.  Thanks Nana and BeeBa!!!
I'm so mad at myself for not thinking of it sooner- I should have bought him the entire DJ Lance Rock outfit!!!  But that's ok... he was pretty cute sporting the hat.

The paci definitely needed to stay in his mouth the entire first part of the show- though he "lost" it eventually.

This is Zachary rapping with "Biz's beat of the day"- he was SO excited about this part, he could hardly stand it... his toy light was his microphone (p.s. this "toy" cost a small fortune!!!)

Our seats were so terrific, but the best part was that Zac got to dance in the aisles and had a fantastic view of the stage.  

Zac loved the 4 seasons song... especially when the snow and the leaves came falling down.  

Zac and daddy see the characters going in to the party room!!!  We'll see them soon!!!

Not sure who was more excited to meet Muno... daddy or Zachary??? 


Zachary and Brobee!!! 

For some reason he got a bit shy around Plex... which is weird because usually Plex is one of his favorites!

He was SO excited about Foofa... it was adorable.  I was pretty excited too, but I think his excitement trumped mine, oddly enough!

DJ Lance didn't specifically do any photo shoots, but when he saw our little boy he picked him right up- which was a-ok with Zac!!!  

Zachary and his new friend showing off their cool dancey-dance moves!

Zac would not let go!  Biz was so friendly and sweet to him... Zachary just adores Biz- and to see him so excited had me in tears.  It was such a neat moment. 

We spent a small fortune {again} when Zac "had" to have this backpack... how could we say no???  LOL (hush all you Dave Ramsey followers!!!)


Katy said...

"Hush all you Dave Ramsey followers!" - ha! Looks like you all had a great time! I've never watched Yo Gabba Gabba myself - the Bastow household children seem to be partial to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ;)

Lisa B. said...

What a fun time! I LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba. :) We haven't taken Phoenix to anything like that yet, but he's getting to be the perfect age - 3. Now, I want to go! :)