Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sad day... happy pictures

It's hard to believe that it's been 5 weeks since my mom flew in... the day after she arrived I got on a plane for Texas and she got right to work.  Having her here means more than I could ever express... and for the past year I think she's spent almost as much time here as she has spent in Ohio, thanks to little emergencies that keep popping up here (thank you, kidney stones).  For the first time ever, Zachary made a bit of a fuss that Nana was leaving... it's never been an issue with him, so this morning I said something to him and it set him off.  Poor thing kept telling us that he wanted to go to ohio too.

But despite the sadness, we sent Nana off with all our love... knowing that we will see her next month.

I was honestly expecting the worse in terms of their behavior tonight, but it really wasn't bad at all!  I worked really late and Damien had done a pretty good job of keeping them calm and happy.  I came home to a very peaceful household... and that quickly changed once they saw me.  Both boys had moments of sadness for Grandma once they were being tucked into bed, but overall, they did a great job being brave.

Completely unrelated... the boys LOVE these new pajamas that my mom bought them and were more than happy to model them for us tonight--

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