Thursday, November 10, 2011

Randoms from the week...

I find that whenever my mom leaves I spend about a week detached from my camera... when she's here I'm also not as good at taking pictures because I don't have her calling me up asking where "her" pictures are.  But in due time I get back into my routine and will be taking pictures on a more regular basis... but for now, here are a few random pictures that I've taken this week...

 Zachary has never been one to play really well in the sink... Deacon, on the other hand, lived in the sink at this age (and younger).  If Deacon were upset about something, you put him in the sink and all tears would disappear.  Zac?  Not so much.  We literally have to FORCE him into the sink- and he's usually crying that he doesn't want to be there... but once he sits down and starts to play he has a good time.  This morning he had been begging to play with water outside- but it's way too cold to do that... hence the sink.

Apparently Deacon has fond memories of this rain coat- when he saw it he got all sentimental about it... and then he tried it on and realized how small he must have been when he wore it- and then he promptly lost interest in the "baby coat."   

 Look at this hair!!!

 We call it "the sassy" face.

Tooth #2 was finally yanked out this morning!  Deacon did a great job and was a LOT more brave this time around.  This tooth has been very loose for quite some time- but he's been terrified of losing it.  He hates the taste of blood- so the first tooth he lost really freaked him out and scarred him for life, I think! With this one we promised that the minute it came out we would put a tissue over the bloody part so no blood would touch his taste buds or go down his throat... which we did and that helped tremendously.  The tooth fairy came that night and brought him a gold coin and a paper dollar bill.  

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