Sunday, November 27, 2011

Outside decorations

When Damien and I bought our first house we discussed how we would decorate for Christmas... Damien had these beautiful plans of decorating in simple white lights- and just outlining out house and maybe a tree or two... nothing too big.  I had BIG plans of those beautiful big old fashioned bulb lights- LOTS of color, lots of inflatables, a few electronic deer, etc... Clark Griswold is my hero.  We finally made an agreement- I could decorate the inside how I wanted, he could do the outside in white (Because originally he wanted all white everywhere).  We did this for the first year... and then once Deacon started becoming aware of the decorations Damien started getting soft.  We are now decorating everywhere with those big colorful lights... and I think Damien is as excited about all this as I am.  It's totally fun and the kids are thrilled with what daddy has done for them.  I love this part of the holidays... seeing how happy the kids are (on a side note: we were shopping at Target this weekend and Santa and an elf came by in a horse drawn carriage... Zachary and Deacon were SO excited and as Santa was riding away Zac exclaimed, "THAT.WAS.SO.COOL!!!").  

While daddy has been decorating the boys and I have been playing outside... despite how cold it is.  Poor Zac was shaking he was so cold at one point!  I'd dress them warmer, but we don't have anything warmer!!!  

 Zac's attempt at skateboarding, LOL


SarahCW said...

omgosh aunt amanda me and emma both have that "count down the days" thingy too! made by grandma gerold!


SarahCW said...

Omgosh me and emma just love these pictures!! We miss ya'll sooo much! Oh and we have that "count down the days" thingy too that grandma Gerold made us! We start at the bottom though haha