Friday, November 18, 2011


My kids are addicted to this store and their products!  They BOTH know the store logo and what their bags look like- so there's no hiding when I make a trip to Lush.  It doesn't help that these bath "bombs" smell SO amazing- it's hard for anyone to resist.  So needless to say when I brought out this bath bomb tonight, the kids were pretty excited- though I will say that there is one thing I dislike about these bath bombs: it's hard to share one since the kids like to hold the bomb as it fizzes away in the water.  So there is a lot of whining intermixed with the squeals of excitement :) 

 I say, "Zachary- show mommy your cute face"... and this is what I get.  He did it multiple times- though towards the end he was doing it because we were cracking up at him... he most definitely loves to show off.

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