Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Since moving to Sacramento, I've spent nearly every Black Friday with my friend Dawn... the two of us work really well together with the sales- and better yet, we "get" each other.  We know how to shop for and with each other... it works perfectly.  Well, this year things weren't going in our favor and she was unable to shop with me :(

But never fear... retailers are becoming more and more intelligent in how they do business- the majority of places go "live" online with all the same deals as they do in person.  Score.  So we got a lot of great stuff that way, but there were still some things I wanted in person... so Damien, being the amazing husband he is, offered to go with me to any place I chose (we got a babysitter).  The two of us had a nice time, but I'll tell you what- the crowd this year was weirder than usual... and we ended up not staying out as long as originally intended... but that's ok, we got nearly everything we wanted, plus some :)  And even though we had a good time, I still {very much} missed Dawn.

After coming home and going to bed, we all woke up and started with the Christmas decorations as we always do on Black Friday.  It's my goal to someday have a house that could compete with Clark W. Griswold... but I don't think this is my year for that competition.  For the first time ever we got an inflatable for our front yard- which Zachary was scared of.  The pictures I took were hilarious since they show very distinctly his disdain for Mickey... I'm not sure how, but we finally convinced him to give Mickey a hug and a high five- and he did so not so willingly.  Very funny to watch him approach Mickey as if Mickey were a criminal!

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