Sunday, November 27, 2011

Outside decorations

When Damien and I bought our first house we discussed how we would decorate for Christmas... Damien had these beautiful plans of decorating in simple white lights- and just outlining out house and maybe a tree or two... nothing too big.  I had BIG plans of those beautiful big old fashioned bulb lights- LOTS of color, lots of inflatables, a few electronic deer, etc... Clark Griswold is my hero.  We finally made an agreement- I could decorate the inside how I wanted, he could do the outside in white (Because originally he wanted all white everywhere).  We did this for the first year... and then once Deacon started becoming aware of the decorations Damien started getting soft.  We are now decorating everywhere with those big colorful lights... and I think Damien is as excited about all this as I am.  It's totally fun and the kids are thrilled with what daddy has done for them.  I love this part of the holidays... seeing how happy the kids are (on a side note: we were shopping at Target this weekend and Santa and an elf came by in a horse drawn carriage... Zachary and Deacon were SO excited and as Santa was riding away Zac exclaimed, "THAT.WAS.SO.COOL!!!").  

While daddy has been decorating the boys and I have been playing outside... despite how cold it is.  Poor Zac was shaking he was so cold at one point!  I'd dress them warmer, but we don't have anything warmer!!!  

 Zac's attempt at skateboarding, LOL

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Since moving to Sacramento, I've spent nearly every Black Friday with my friend Dawn... the two of us work really well together with the sales- and better yet, we "get" each other.  We know how to shop for and with each other... it works perfectly.  Well, this year things weren't going in our favor and she was unable to shop with me :(

But never fear... retailers are becoming more and more intelligent in how they do business- the majority of places go "live" online with all the same deals as they do in person.  Score.  So we got a lot of great stuff that way, but there were still some things I wanted in person... so Damien, being the amazing husband he is, offered to go with me to any place I chose (we got a babysitter).  The two of us had a nice time, but I'll tell you what- the crowd this year was weirder than usual... and we ended up not staying out as long as originally intended... but that's ok, we got nearly everything we wanted, plus some :)  And even though we had a good time, I still {very much} missed Dawn.

After coming home and going to bed, we all woke up and started with the Christmas decorations as we always do on Black Friday.  It's my goal to someday have a house that could compete with Clark W. Griswold... but I don't think this is my year for that competition.  For the first time ever we got an inflatable for our front yard- which Zachary was scared of.  The pictures I took were hilarious since they show very distinctly his disdain for Mickey... I'm not sure how, but we finally convinced him to give Mickey a hug and a high five- and he did so not so willingly.  Very funny to watch him approach Mickey as if Mickey were a criminal!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving with Tanier, Papa and their family... it was a great afternoon with great food.  The kids had so much fun playing with Papa, Ms. Tanier and Mason... Zachary especially loved playing football with Papa.  After dinner, Damien and I went out Black Friday shopping... thankfully we were able to get a lot of our stuff online- but we had fun going out together and getting more.  I think I may be done shopping for Deacon already!!!- and I'm almost done with Zachary!  YAY!  I love Black Friday!!! 

Friday, November 18, 2011


My kids are addicted to this store and their products!  They BOTH know the store logo and what their bags look like- so there's no hiding when I make a trip to Lush.  It doesn't help that these bath "bombs" smell SO amazing- it's hard for anyone to resist.  So needless to say when I brought out this bath bomb tonight, the kids were pretty excited- though I will say that there is one thing I dislike about these bath bombs: it's hard to share one since the kids like to hold the bomb as it fizzes away in the water.  So there is a lot of whining intermixed with the squeals of excitement :) 

 I say, "Zachary- show mommy your cute face"... and this is what I get.  He did it multiple times- though towards the end he was doing it because we were cracking up at him... he most definitely loves to show off.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Growing up technically an only child I never really understood what it meant to have a sibling... and when it came time to start being the parent of two children I never realized just how different two kids from the same parents could be.  I sort of foolishly assumed that my parenting skills had everything a lot to do with how Deacon was turning out... but the more we got to know Zachary, the more I truly learned that our parenting was only part of the equation.  But it still amazes me when I experience how completely different my two boys can be...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba

Thanks to Nana and BeeBa for the tickets... not only did we get to see the show- we got to go backstage and meet everyone after the show.  It was such a fun experience and Zac had such a great time (ok, so did Damien and I).  This was the first time Damien and I have ever gone out on a date with just Zachary... I think Zac definitely enjoyed the 1:1 attention from us while hubby got to stay at school extra long tonight.
For the first part of the show Zachary stayed very calm and just wanted to sit in his own seat and watch... no dancing and no singing.  Just sitting and watching.  Close to intermission he started getting into it (so long as he had his paci in his mouth) and by the end of the show he was TOTALLY into it.  He was never scared of anything... such a brave kid!  At the "party" afterwards he was very willing to go up to each character and have his picture taken- and he was particularly thrilled when DJ Lance and Biz Markie came out.  DJ Lance and Biz weren't scheduled to do any sort of photo ops but because Zac was in the front row and so cute he was able to get some individualized attention.  Zac was so taken aback by Biz Markie- his hero- that he just stared in awe the entire time Biz was talking... and then when Biz asked for a hug Zac wouldn't let go.  It was so sweet.  A very fun night... and Zachary talked about it the entire way home and into bedtime.  Thanks Nana and BeeBa!!!
I'm so mad at myself for not thinking of it sooner- I should have bought him the entire DJ Lance Rock outfit!!!  But that's ok... he was pretty cute sporting the hat.

The paci definitely needed to stay in his mouth the entire first part of the show- though he "lost" it eventually.

This is Zachary rapping with "Biz's beat of the day"- he was SO excited about this part, he could hardly stand it... his toy light was his microphone (p.s. this "toy" cost a small fortune!!!)

Our seats were so terrific, but the best part was that Zac got to dance in the aisles and had a fantastic view of the stage.  

Zac loved the 4 seasons song... especially when the snow and the leaves came falling down.  

Zac and daddy see the characters going in to the party room!!!  We'll see them soon!!!

Not sure who was more excited to meet Muno... daddy or Zachary??? 


Zachary and Brobee!!! 

For some reason he got a bit shy around Plex... which is weird because usually Plex is one of his favorites!

He was SO excited about Foofa... it was adorable.  I was pretty excited too, but I think his excitement trumped mine, oddly enough!

DJ Lance didn't specifically do any photo shoots, but when he saw our little boy he picked him right up- which was a-ok with Zac!!!  

Zachary and his new friend showing off their cool dancey-dance moves!

Zac would not let go!  Biz was so friendly and sweet to him... Zachary just adores Biz- and to see him so excited had me in tears.  It was such a neat moment. 

We spent a small fortune {again} when Zac "had" to have this backpack... how could we say no???  LOL (hush all you Dave Ramsey followers!!!)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Randoms from the week...

I find that whenever my mom leaves I spend about a week detached from my camera... when she's here I'm also not as good at taking pictures because I don't have her calling me up asking where "her" pictures are.  But in due time I get back into my routine and will be taking pictures on a more regular basis... but for now, here are a few random pictures that I've taken this week...

 Zachary has never been one to play really well in the sink... Deacon, on the other hand, lived in the sink at this age (and younger).  If Deacon were upset about something, you put him in the sink and all tears would disappear.  Zac?  Not so much.  We literally have to FORCE him into the sink- and he's usually crying that he doesn't want to be there... but once he sits down and starts to play he has a good time.  This morning he had been begging to play with water outside- but it's way too cold to do that... hence the sink.

Apparently Deacon has fond memories of this rain coat- when he saw it he got all sentimental about it... and then he tried it on and realized how small he must have been when he wore it- and then he promptly lost interest in the "baby coat."   

 Look at this hair!!!

 We call it "the sassy" face.

Tooth #2 was finally yanked out this morning!  Deacon did a great job and was a LOT more brave this time around.  This tooth has been very loose for quite some time- but he's been terrified of losing it.  He hates the taste of blood- so the first tooth he lost really freaked him out and scarred him for life, I think! With this one we promised that the minute it came out we would put a tissue over the bloody part so no blood would touch his taste buds or go down his throat... which we did and that helped tremendously.  The tooth fairy came that night and brought him a gold coin and a paper dollar bill.