Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was so much fun for the boys this year... I was a bit nervous how Zac would do, and he quickly squashed all my fears- he did excellently.  When Deacon was the age that Zac is now, he had a hard time with trick-or-treating... he was overly tired and overwhelmed.  It was just too much for him... and even as Deacon has gotten older he still doesn't hold out as long as other kids his age- in fact, Deacon was done trick-or-treating before Zachary was!  We're lucky enough to live in a very child friendly neighborhood and our neighbors across the street have kids Deacon's age... so we tagged along with them all night- which was really fun for Deacon.  Zachary and I went at our own pace, which tended to mean we went to every other house.  I had originally expected to be out for about 30 minutes, but we were gone over an hour and walked a very large portion of our development.  

Like I said, Zachary did great... he was SO excited to ring the door bell and to say "trick or treat!" He was very into all the decorations and nothing scared him... Everyone LOVED his costume and at nearly every house I heard the person say they were giving him extra candy because he was just way too cute :)  At the end of the night he proclaimed that he wanted to be a spider for next Halloween, lol.

Deacon also had a lot of fun... though like every other year, within 20 minutes of walking out the door he was shedding his costume bit by bit.  Deacon is really sensitive to fabrics and the weight of his clothing and accessories on his body.  By the time we got home I think he had shed about 3/4 of the costume- including his shoes.  

Good times for us all... Nana sat in our drive way as the witch and passed out candy... which was a definite hit with the neighbors- especially with the other little girls dressed up similarly.  

Zac's hair cracks me up... it's all flat and weird looking from being stuffed into his frog costume all night.  

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