Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boiling towels and wash cloths

I'm sure everyone cares to see this... but I found it interesting when I read it on a friends' blog, so I'll post it here too!

Our towels and wash cloths were looking really not so great... and their smell was similar- even after having been washed.  I've tried quite a few tricks to get rid of the stink- vinegar and less detergent being the main ones.  I also always wash my towels on a super wash at the hottest settings and always do an extra rinse cycle.  It's not like they're filthy and disgusting- if they were that bad, I'd get rid of them all together... but I wasn't quite ready for that- so I tried boiling them.

I brought a huge pot to a boil and added to the water some vinegar and Borax... and then added the towels and wash cloths.  I let them boil for a few minutes, put a lid on the pot, turned off the heat and let it sit for 2 hours.  After 2 hours I put the pot on the floor to take some pictures:

I'm happy with the results- the house smelled like ass for the rest of the day... but I could tell the boiling process really worked.  I'm a bit disappointed that the white wash cloths still look dirty.  I'm wondering if I should do some oxy-clean next time or washing soda... since this time around I only used Borax and vinegar.  


Heidi said...

I've been wanting to try this! Not sure I'm up for the day-long house stink, though!

Natalie said...

Do you bleach them ever...the whites that is?

Lisa B. said...

Very interesting! I wonder if it's a similar effect to what happens to diapers - they just get a buildup of detergent in them, and need to be "stripped" every now and then. I'll keep this in mind for when our towels get stinky!