Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A visit from the tooth fairy...

Deacon lost his first tooth tonight!!!  He's had a loose tooth now for quite some time... and for about a month now the tooth has been loose enough to where I have been prepared for the events of tonight.  But that doesn't make it any easier for me... I absolutely cannot stand loose teeth- they gross me out beyond belief.  I'm not scared of them- they just really really really gross me out.  But I try to put this aside and get excited for Deacon as he shows me his loose tooth and asks that I wiggle it for him... BARF!!!  Anyways... tonight as I'm tucking him in he asks me to check on it and I told him that it's a lot looser than normal- and said that all he needs to do is play with it more... and just keep pushing it back and forth hard enough to where it almost hurts- and then it'll come out.  So he asks if he's allowed to come get me if he pulls it out "in the middle of the night," to which I tell him that he can of course come get me... since I'll need to text/email/call the tooth fairy to alert her of the tooth under his pillow.  About 30 minutes later I'm in bed on my laptop and I hear his door open... I think to myself, "no... he could not have lost his tooth- he's just coming to tell me something random like always."  I look over at my door and the minute he walks in I know he has pulled out his tooth.  How do I know?  He looks like he's about to throw up or pass out... or both.  LOL.  The kid is white as a ghost with a hint of green.  Oooops- I forgot to tell him that there's a bit of blood when you lose a tooth.  The poor thing was pretty upset and it took him a good hour to calm down... but he finally went to bed happy to know that the tooth fairy was on her way. 

Just an FYI... we came to the conclusion that there has got to be multiple tooth fairies out there since a lot of kids get different things for lost teeth.  Some kids get upwards of about $5 and some kids get toys. WTF?- what ever happened to a quarter?- my tooth fairy growing up might have given me 50 cents for a molar- but that was some hardcore cash... and we certainly weren't going throw some type of recession then either!  Well, Deacon was very excited to wake up to a Lego Mini-Fig and a golden coin... The tooth fairy said she gives a little something extra for the firs lost tooth (hence the Lego mini-fig).

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