Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reason to celebrate

 Beautiful boy... 

So tonight we had reason to celebrate.


My urologist said my CT scan showed that my stone was completely broken to bits- so they could take out my stent.  That's the good news.  The not so fantastic news is that many of the fragments moved UP into my kidney instead of just staying there in my ureter... so it could take longer to pass them.  But I do have a handful (about 4) little pieces of stone in my ureter waiting to pass (size 3-4mm)- but that shouldn't be too bad.  I am SO grateful to have this stent GONE... I'll take the pain associated with passing these bits of stone knowing that the worst is behind me!  Thank to all for the continued prayers and positive thoughts.

 We told the boys that if they caught a mouse they would each get $5.  They didn't even see a mouse... much to Logan's disappointment (Deacon was relieved).

 A part of our tree came off and the boys played with it for quite some time- though once Zac got ahold of it, he didn't let go- he walked around and beat all of us with it.

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