Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rain Gutter Regatta

Deacon has been so excited about this ever since he joined Cub Scouts- he was very specific about how he wanted to paint his boat... though he only had one requirement- glitter paint.  The boat MUST have glitter paint he says... blue and orange glitter paint to be exact.  And a Lego guy on the little flag part (what's that thing called???).  This year Damien chose not to be too fancy with the boat... there are plenty of modifications you can make to the boat to make it go faster.  But this year Damien decided to just let Deacon have fun decorating it and concentrate on the rules and the game.  Our goal: have fun.  The goal was accomplished... and even better?- Deacon got 2nd place in his little group of Tigers (8 kids in total).  He was so proud of himself and winning second place was completely unexpected, which made the 'win' even better.  We're SO proud of you, Deacon!

 Just about to start his first race

Zac was a big help to Damien (who got to time some of the races)

 While he was being timed he took things VERY seriously... and then took a HUGE sigh of relief when he hit the end.  Good job, buddy!

Deacon and his friend, Matthew... his mom and I hit it off at the very first informational meeting and I'm so happy the boys are having fun together!  With all these kid activities it's always a HUGE relief to find another mom you can get along with.

This was his last race... and the one that made a big difference- most of his races he was around 13-15 seconds, but this last race he clocked in at 9 seconds.  He was really good at keeping the fan on the boat... and he did a great job staying calm and focused.  A lot of the boys would get flustered when the boat would fall over or would run into a "wall"- Deacon seriously did so well concentrating and sticking to the task at hand... he's definitely NOT taking after Damien or myself with this characteristic! 

Awww!!!  So proud of himself... I wish the picture wasn't so blurry, but by the time they did awards it was starting to get pretty dark and I didn't have a flash on me.  He was seriously so excited to hear his name called up there- and when I didn't hear his name called for 3rd place I was totally shocked as well.  I figured the other kid had "won" 1st place based on the fact that he and his dad tricked out the boat pretty hardcore (most of the kids don't do these modifications until they're much older).

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