Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grand opening of Natomas fire station (picture heavy)

Cub scouts got to do the flag ceremony for the new Natomas fire station... a very cool experience.  We all went and had a really nice time- even Zachary behaved.  When asked what his favorite part about the entire experience, Zachary answered, "I see donuts and a fridgerator"- we got a tour of the fire station and Zac was enamored with the kitchen... and the donuts in the kitchen.  Deacon was hugely impressed by the entire thing and behaved so well during the flag ceremony... he's a pretty wriggly kid when it comes to this sort of thing- especially when it's so warm!  

 You can't exactly tell from this picture, but Zac was SO excited to meet Sparky!  

(a bit out of order) This is the boys practicing with the Fire Chief 

(out of order) This is the actual flag raising ceremony... It was pretty neat when "all uniformed personnel" were told to salute- and there was Deacon saluting.  Very proud of my boy... and this coming from a mama who won't even say the pledge of allegiance.  LOL

 Mr. Grumpalump pays us a visit.

 They just had to have cupcakes with red icing.  Picture was taken AFTER I cleaned him up a bit.

 We had two very happy boys.

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