Friday, September 2, 2011

A Cub Scout and a Frog

I never imagined I would allow Deacon to join Cub Scouts... for a variety of reasons that I'm sure I don't even need to go into.  But lately I've been thinking about how it might be good for Deacon... and I couldn't get those thoughts out of my mind.  And the universe kept pointing me in the direction of letting him join... so I finally decided to go to the "kick off" a few nights ago- and he came with me.  You would have thought he had died and gone to heaven- the boy was SO happy... I knew I needed to sign him up- this just felt right... I know it's a great fit for him.  As much as I don't like certain things about Boy Scouts of America, I am choosing to ignore that and focus on the positives of the organization- what the organization does for the community and what they do for these boys that makes a positive impact... that's what I'm choosing to celebrate and love- and that's why I'm allowing this.

So Deacon joined Boy Scouts and a day later I get an email saying we need to sign him up to sell popcorn outside the grocery store... There was an opening for tonight- and I wanted to sign Deacon up for it, but I wasn't really able to go since I needed to stay home to work and get ready for our date night... thank goodness for Grandma- she took him.  He had a great time- and did such a good job selling popcorn.  What a big kid.

Grandma being amazing and getting his uniform put together with less than an hour to go!

I cannot get over how handsome this boy looks!!!

And this boy... this boy is beyond excited about his Halloween costume.  He chose a frog- a close second was a Dragon costume and then he was also enamored with the Santa Clause costume... but the frog got his attention the longest.  And oh he the cutest frog you will EVER see... I promise you that.
 Our froggy wanted to be "Bumblebee" transformer... of course.

Damien and I were really excited that I got my stent out and was healthy enough to take advantage of my mom being here for a few more nights... that means date night!  We went to a trendy little pizza place downtown called Pizza Rock with some friends of ours... had a great time, but I'm exhausted.  I definitely over did it- but it was well worth it. 

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Lisa B. said...

Great post! We went looking for costumes the other day, but there weren't any out yet... I was so bummed! You look adorable going out for your date night!