Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Pineapple Feast

So today is Amanda's first day away on her long business trip to Texas. Thankfully, Nana is here just in time to distract the boys (as well as she can) from Mommy's absence. Today's plan... PINEAPPLE. Even better, one of Deacon's Cub Scout electives is planting something from something you've eaten like orange seeds, avocado pits and... you guessed it, pineapple tops! Mmmmm... tasty snack and sustainability lesson. What more could you ask for? Let the photos commence!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A sleepover with Skyla and Flat Stanley

Deacon was SO excited for a couple things this weekend... first, his sleepover with Skyla and secondly, he got to take home Flat Stanley for the week.  It's the little things in life, really :) 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A visit from the tooth fairy...

Deacon lost his first tooth tonight!!!  He's had a loose tooth now for quite some time... and for about a month now the tooth has been loose enough to where I have been prepared for the events of tonight.  But that doesn't make it any easier for me... I absolutely cannot stand loose teeth- they gross me out beyond belief.  I'm not scared of them- they just really really really gross me out.  But I try to put this aside and get excited for Deacon as he shows me his loose tooth and asks that I wiggle it for him... BARF!!!  Anyways... tonight as I'm tucking him in he asks me to check on it and I told him that it's a lot looser than normal- and said that all he needs to do is play with it more... and just keep pushing it back and forth hard enough to where it almost hurts- and then it'll come out.  So he asks if he's allowed to come get me if he pulls it out "in the middle of the night," to which I tell him that he can of course come get me... since I'll need to text/email/call the tooth fairy to alert her of the tooth under his pillow.  About 30 minutes later I'm in bed on my laptop and I hear his door open... I think to myself, "no... he could not have lost his tooth- he's just coming to tell me something random like always."  I look over at my door and the minute he walks in I know he has pulled out his tooth.  How do I know?  He looks like he's about to throw up or pass out... or both.  LOL.  The kid is white as a ghost with a hint of green.  Oooops- I forgot to tell him that there's a bit of blood when you lose a tooth.  The poor thing was pretty upset and it took him a good hour to calm down... but he finally went to bed happy to know that the tooth fairy was on her way. 

Just an FYI... we came to the conclusion that there has got to be multiple tooth fairies out there since a lot of kids get different things for lost teeth.  Some kids get upwards of about $5 and some kids get toys. WTF?- what ever happened to a quarter?- my tooth fairy growing up might have given me 50 cents for a molar- but that was some hardcore cash... and we certainly weren't going throw some type of recession then either!  Well, Deacon was very excited to wake up to a Lego Mini-Fig and a golden coin... The tooth fairy said she gives a little something extra for the firs lost tooth (hence the Lego mini-fig).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rain Gutter Regatta

Deacon has been so excited about this ever since he joined Cub Scouts- he was very specific about how he wanted to paint his boat... though he only had one requirement- glitter paint.  The boat MUST have glitter paint he says... blue and orange glitter paint to be exact.  And a Lego guy on the little flag part (what's that thing called???).  This year Damien chose not to be too fancy with the boat... there are plenty of modifications you can make to the boat to make it go faster.  But this year Damien decided to just let Deacon have fun decorating it and concentrate on the rules and the game.  Our goal: have fun.  The goal was accomplished... and even better?- Deacon got 2nd place in his little group of Tigers (8 kids in total).  He was so proud of himself and winning second place was completely unexpected, which made the 'win' even better.  We're SO proud of you, Deacon!

 Just about to start his first race

Zac was a big help to Damien (who got to time some of the races)

 While he was being timed he took things VERY seriously... and then took a HUGE sigh of relief when he hit the end.  Good job, buddy!

Deacon and his friend, Matthew... his mom and I hit it off at the very first informational meeting and I'm so happy the boys are having fun together!  With all these kid activities it's always a HUGE relief to find another mom you can get along with.

This was his last race... and the one that made a big difference- most of his races he was around 13-15 seconds, but this last race he clocked in at 9 seconds.  He was really good at keeping the fan on the boat... and he did a great job staying calm and focused.  A lot of the boys would get flustered when the boat would fall over or would run into a "wall"- Deacon seriously did so well concentrating and sticking to the task at hand... he's definitely NOT taking after Damien or myself with this characteristic! 

Awww!!!  So proud of himself... I wish the picture wasn't so blurry, but by the time they did awards it was starting to get pretty dark and I didn't have a flash on me.  He was seriously so excited to hear his name called up there- and when I didn't hear his name called for 3rd place I was totally shocked as well.  I figured the other kid had "won" 1st place based on the fact that he and his dad tricked out the boat pretty hardcore (most of the kids don't do these modifications until they're much older).

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cub Scout tasks

So for Cub Scouts, Deacon has a lot of things he can do to earn awards, patches and beads... most of them involve doing something for the family... which makes it so much easier on us- and, it's something we can all be involved with, even Zachary.  Deacon was supposed to do a chore that would benefit the entire family... on a hot Sunday in Sacramento, what better chore than washing the cars?!- a chore hand-picked by Deacon.


Today we went to help Ed with his mosaic... the intended purpose was for ME to help mosaic- but the kids and Damien ended up helping and having a great time as well.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grand opening of Natomas fire station (picture heavy)

Cub scouts got to do the flag ceremony for the new Natomas fire station... a very cool experience.  We all went and had a really nice time- even Zachary behaved.  When asked what his favorite part about the entire experience, Zachary answered, "I see donuts and a fridgerator"- we got a tour of the fire station and Zac was enamored with the kitchen... and the donuts in the kitchen.  Deacon was hugely impressed by the entire thing and behaved so well during the flag ceremony... he's a pretty wriggly kid when it comes to this sort of thing- especially when it's so warm!  

 You can't exactly tell from this picture, but Zac was SO excited to meet Sparky!  

(a bit out of order) This is the boys practicing with the Fire Chief 

(out of order) This is the actual flag raising ceremony... It was pretty neat when "all uniformed personnel" were told to salute- and there was Deacon saluting.  Very proud of my boy... and this coming from a mama who won't even say the pledge of allegiance.  LOL

 Mr. Grumpalump pays us a visit.

 They just had to have cupcakes with red icing.  Picture was taken AFTER I cleaned him up a bit.

 We had two very happy boys.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First cub scout meeting

Deacon is in little boy heaven... seriously.  He is so excited to be in Cub Scouts- and proud.  He loves his uniform and he loves being able to earn "awards."  This is the first activity that I truly think he's found his niche- there's no huge competitive aspect to this and when the cub scouts get together, it's for fun... and while it's educational, it's also just plain fun.  It's what he needs- to be active and have fun.  

Zachary enjoyed all the friends being at our house... until his little friend played with the toy he wanted to play with.  He wasn't too thrilled about that one.  

Monday, September 12, 2011


A whole lot of 'not much' has been going on around here lately- which is nice since my busy season has officially started.  Here's a random sampling of pictures...
Swinging at the Carden family picnic.  It's so weird seeing him on a "big kid" swing!

These lovely birds love spending time in our backyard... this was the first time we had ever seen them- at 6:30am just strutting their stuff on our back fence.  Silly birds.  Glad they're outside and I'm inside!!! 

Zachary has always been our baby that doesn't wake up super fast in the morning... he loves to get in bed and have some extra snuggle time before truly waking up.  Deacon was like this for a bit, but he mainly just wanted to get in bed with us to watch t.v.- Zac is just as happy laying there with us while we talk or read a book.  It's one of my favorite things... 

Deacon loves to have his nails painted... he pretty much has always been this way- and we've always obliged.  Last year, however, we had to start just painting his toe nails since Carden says "no" to nail polish for everyone 5th grade and younger.  I'm never too excited to paint Deacon's nails because he's super squirmy... and also, Zac wants his nails painted too- which is never easy.  But tonight I finally agreed to it, and both boys laid in bed while I painted their toenails.  Who says you need a girl to have a spa day?  

Zac is doing such a great job with potty training... he'd be doing a million times better if we would stay consistent and just push it a bit more.  But I'll be honest- I'm lazy and potty training is hard with two kids!!!  With one kid I thought it was a lot easier... it wasn't "easy" but it was much easier.  Add to it that Zac is the crazy stubborn one, and it's just not as easy as it was with Deacon.  However!- Zachary is less into rewards than Deacon... so we don't need to bribe him to go to the bathroom... and the other positive is that Zac will never pee if he's naked- so that helps tremendously while we're at home.  But the minute we leave the house in a pull-up or a diaper, he's going to revert back to peeing in his diaper (or, as Zac says, "peeing in my bottom").  These pictures were taken the evening that he was being crazy obsessive about his San Diego hat... this hat made everything more enjoyable.