Saturday, August 20, 2011

Super Hero!!!

{almost} Every night, Damien gets the boys out of the tub by playing "super hero."  There are two reasons for this game... The boys LOVE it and (more importantly) it gets them excited about getting out of the tub- thereby reducing the fighting.  Whenever it's Zac's turn he screams "SUPER HERO" (though it sounds more like, "soopa hee-wo!") and laughs hysterically.  I'll have to take pictures of Damien doing this with Deacon... let's just say I'm impressed that Damien can get Deacon so high- though I think Deacon's days as "super hero" are numbered.

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Lisa B. said...

Too cute! We get Phoenix out of the tub by reminding him he gets "yellow rice cakes" and his choice of tv show before bed. :)