Friday, August 26, 2011

The past week...

Oh thank goodness for my mom... she has been a lifesaver in helping with the boys, keeping my house clean (ok, who are we kidding... she first cleaned my house and has since kept it clean) and helping with the grocery shopping- I am absolutely grateful.  I think most moms can attest to the following- when mom is sick, it takes a lot longer for her to get better... because very rarely does mom take a break- or at least a long enough break to recover.  This time around, since my own mom was here helping force me to take a break, I really was able to completely STOP and just get better.  I spent almost the entire past week on the couch- where I watch my family run around like crazy... I like this view :)  Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better than I was last weekend, but I definitely still know when I've been overdoing it (and overdoing it typically means I am up and moving for more than an hour).

Here are some pictures of our past week...
 The boys got much needed haircuts... it was honestly the worst experience of my life at a hair salon.  Thank God they didn't mess up Zac's hair- I think I would have freaked out on them completely.  It was Deacon's hair that was horrid... but easy to fix, thankfully (though not by them!)

 The results of taking a bubble bath with your obnoxious 2 year old brother ;-)

 It's Dancey Dance time! (yo gabba gabba)

 It's always fun to kick mommy out of bed so he can do somersaults.

 "The Zachary"

 What my mom has been working on all week... in her spare time.

Nana Love.

So here's my update:
I was supposed to get my stent removed this past Thursday... but as luck would have it, the x-ray did not show us what we needed to see to get the stent removed.  If the doctor sees the broken up fragments of stone, it proves that the procedure was successful and they are able to remove the stent and let the stones pass... If they see the stone still lodged in the kidney, they know things didn't work and you need to move to plan b (typically this means doing the procedure one more time or going a different route... literally).  The problem with an x-ray of your abdomen is that it's right around a very gassy area- and unfortunately for us, the gassiness in my tummy that day was right over where my stone was lodged.  If you look at the x-ray closely enough, it looks like there is a stone still there- unmoved.  But, it's not even remotely clear enough to make that assumption.
My urologist said it could be one of three things:
1. The kidney stone completely broke up... into such small bits that we can't see them on the x-ray.  If this is the case, we can remove the stent and go on with my life.  This option makes me a little skeptical as the urologist made it seem like he should have been able to see *something* somewhere in my ureter indicating the broken up stone... and he didn't.  But he said it is possible.
2. The kidney stone didn't go anywhere and is still lodged in my ureter.
3. The kidney stone is still there, but relatively broken up- but it could use another go around of the lithotripsy to get it broken up a bit more...
So the next step is to go in for a CT scan this week... the CT scan shows a much clearer picture- though they try to avoid a CT scan because of how much radiation you are exposed to... but this is obviously necessary to figure out what's going on.  The stent still causes me pain and will continue to do so until it's removed... though thankfully I am able to function a lot better day by day.

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