Saturday, August 6, 2011

The past couple weeks...

I've been somewhat absent from this blog for a while for one reason... I haven't taken many pictures at all- and most of the ones I take are random ones of Zac being silly.  We really haven't had much down time since getting home from Ohio- the kids went back to school right away and Damien and I went back to work as well.  Thankfully we got home on a Saturday and we were able to spend that Sunday relaxing... though with us all still being on Ohio time, the kids were up and ready to go around 7:45am.  First order of business?  Go out to breakfast since we had absolutely nothing in the house... ok, nothing that one would want to consume for breakfast.  The rest of the day was thankfully spent really low key and we were all in bed at a normal hour.  The boys both adjusted really well to their routines- my boys love a routine (though, what kids don't love a routine???).  There were a few days of sadness for Deacon- he really misses his cousins... and I think that's a hard one for him because he knows he probably won't see them for another year (or possibly even more in the case of Andrew/Lauren).

But all in all, it's nice to be home... I won't lie- it's almost two weeks and we're still not 100% unpacked- but it's getting there.  I estimate that by the time my mom shows up in September that we'll be unpacked. LOL.

So enjoy these random pictures I took over the past couple of weeks... I'm feeling a bit guilty that there is a definite inequality in the amount of Deacon pictures compared to Zac- but Deacon has been spending a lot of his time upstairs in his room with all his toys... and after a long day of summer camp I certainly can't fault him for wanting a bit of alone time- but maybe I should start intruding and taking some pictures.  LOL- I'm sure he'd love that!
 Rinsing with anti-canker sore medicine... YUCK!

 Taken a few days after getting home- the master bedroom looked just as bad.

 These boys love the Farmers Market as much as we do... and the white peaches/nectarines are amazing this year- though I think Deacon likes the corn dogs the best, LOL.

 I don't think there is ever a time when Damien is laying down that Zac doesn't take the opportunity to jump all over him... his new favorite activity?  Jumping on Damien's head.  It's so funny... well, Zac and I think it's pretty funny.

 Yep... still a paci boy.

 We went to the pool with the Harrigan family and convinced the kids to leave with the promise of ice cream... though you'd never know by the way Zac looks in this picture, the kids all had a great time.  I think Zac was just unhappy his ice cream was gone.

 Both boys are obsessed with drinking water out of the bathtub faucet.  Their obsession grew substantially when they realized how disgusted I was by the ordeal.

Deacon will stretch out in the bathtub like this for the sole purpose of annoying Zac... but will say he's doing it to "relax."  But we all know Zac absolutely hates when Deacon does it- and when he doesn't think I'm looking he gets this grin of satisfaction every single time he does it.

"I am Bumble Bee"

Current obsession: having mommy put his hair in a pony tail... and then take it out... and then ask for it to be put back in... and then take it out.  You get the picture.

Deacon and Damien will have a race to see who can find Goldbug the quickest... which is amusing seeing as though we've been "reading" this book since he was 3 years old.  We can get through the whole book very quickly nowadays... whereas it used to take about 30 minutes to get through about 2-3 "scenes."  Deacon can definitely kick our butts at this one.

 This keyboard was one of the best purchases I've ever made.  The kids play with it all the time... and they have a specific song they like the best.  Zac calls it the "Marching Song" and has finally figured out which numbers to press to get the song to magically turn on... this is a pretty big accomplishment!  Well after the song turns on, Deacon and Zac will march around the living room- and then after a few "normal" rounds of the song they'll turn it on "crazy" mode (they increase the speed) and they'll do these crazy dances.  It's pretty cute... though it would be much cuter if they'd turn down the volume.  Normally Zac won't play this "game" unless Deacon is around... but tonight he was willing to do it so long as mommy and daddy would play along.  

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Natalie said...

Ugh! Our keyboard is always at FULL volume too. I leave it unplugged in between rainy days.