Monday, August 22, 2011

My mom is here :)

Most of the time my mom comes out to help Damien during my busy time... and then Christmastime, it's all about the boys.  She and I definitely get to spend quality time together, but I am personally usually not the main reason she's here... and when she comes in October I see very little of her due to my travel schedule. So when my mom showed up last night it was an entirely different feeling... I knew she was here for ME.  She was here to help with what I needed and to take care of me... I'll tell you what- you're never too old to need your mom when you're sick.  It was pretty amusing, however, when Deacon started listing his grand plan for her visit- and my mom stopped him and reminded him that this week she was here for me- and that she would be back in a few short weeks for a LONG visit (my busy time).  Deacon was quite confused by this idea- Grandma not focusing on him??!!! Blasphemy! ;-)

It's interesting to me that our kids have very little experience eating watermelon with seeds in the middle... but for the past year I really try to avoid the seedless watermelons- they have such little taste compared to the watermelons with seeds.  Anyway!  Leave it to Grandma to teach the kids how to properly eat a watermelon with black seeds.   

They were both pretty excited to find a snail... the poor snail was probably not as excited.