Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kidney Troubles

I've not been too forth coming on my blog in regards to my kidney issues... I've been trying desperately to stay positive and upbeat despite an immense amount of pain.  Last week it was found that I had a very large stone stuck in my ureter almost entirely blocking the flow from my left kidney... and that I had a handful of stones actually in my kidney as well.  The concern was, of course, the one that was "stuck."  I got in with a urologist immediately- which doesn't really ever happen unless it's an emergency.  This guy currently has a 4 week wait to be seen and an even longer wait to get in to surgery... I saw him 2 days after he was notified of my problem and I was scheduled for my procedure in the first time slot on the first day the machine would be available to my urologist.  I spent this last week in some of the worst pain of my life... which magically disappeared (almost) entirely on Monday night.  I got to the hospital today with high hopes that my urologist would say that I didn't need a stent put in place and that I could get by with "just" doing the lithotripsy... he said we could do that as long as the stone had shown progress and if the stone appeared to be the softer variety.  A short trip to the radiology side of the hospital confirmed neither of those two things... so the stent was a go, unfortunately.

I never handle anesthesiology very well... but the past couple of times it hasn't been too terrible.  So again, I had high hopes that were squashed immediately upon coming out of it this afternoon.  I was awoken to my body convulsing in some of the most violent shakes I could ever imagine- I thought I was having a seizure.  The nurses had to essentially sit on me to get meds into my IV... my temperature started dropping, my head was throbbing and I started throwing up as well.  It was a nightmare and I couldn't even open my eyes to communicate that I was awake and terrified.  Thankfully we got that under control and I realized how much in pain I was "down there" from the stent... and that pain has stayed with me all day long.  The best way to describe this pain is how I felt when I was having unmedicated contractions...

So anyway, I really missed my boys today and I was so excited to get them home... but unfortunately for me, they were in HORRIBLE moods- seriously terrible.  I have not seen my children this poorly behaved in a long time... though I am 100% positive it didn't help that I was in pain and pretty drugged up.  Nonetheless, the kids were miserable and it made me so sad... so it was early bath time for them.  Thankfully for everyone, they calmed down after they got on their jams and we turned on Peppa Pig... it was so calm, in fact, that I was even able to fall asleep and Damien could snap some pictures.

Here's to a new day tomorrow... a healthy, bright and beautiful day.


Tracy said...

I hope you feel better today, Amanda. I hate kidney stones. I can't imagine having to have surgery to get them out, too. ouch!

Natalie said...

Still praying. still having sympathy pains. ugh. love ya.