Monday, August 8, 2011


Deacon is going to be playing flag football at Carden this year... I don't know that he would have any desire to play if it weren't for the fact that all his school friends will be playing and (most importantly) Mr. Pena is the coach.  So tonight I thought it would be a good idea for us to go outside and throw around the football... just to see where he's at with the sport.

I think we'll need to do this a lot more often...

 Anyone who knows Damien knows it's pretty amusing that he is teaching Deacon the in's and out's of throwing/catching a football... But I'll give him some credit, I think Damien can at least hold his own in teaching a 6 year old (who knows absolutely nothing about the sport) the absolute basics.  
 This picture makes me laugh so hard.  He looks like he's dancing.

 Zac wanted to play too... and it was darling- he kept running up and holding Damien's hand when they played "on the same team."  And then when they did well he'd give Damien a big hug.  It was so cute.

Zac's interest in football was short lived... he would rather make "coffee" in his outdoor make shift cafe.

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