Sunday, August 14, 2011

Discovery Kingdom (Six Flags)

Today we left Zac home with a sitter and made the trip to the bay to go to Discovery Kingdom.  I debated for quite a while on whether or not I should go with my kidney situation the way it is, but thought that getting out and getting some fresh air could definitely do me some good... and it's not as if I had to ride everything or even keep up with the gang if I didn't want to.  Deacon did pretty well today- though it did take some coaxing to get him on the rides at first... and as the day wore on and he got more and more tired, his willingness to be brave started to fade.  But that's ok- this is definitely a good start... though I'm certain he hasn't worked his way up to being able to make a trip to Legoland quite yet (the deal is that if he can prove to me that Legoland wouldn't be a complete waste of my money, we can go there for his birthday).
 The first ride... The Cobra... Deacon was pretty brave- though the look on his face the entire ride was hilarious.  I thought he was going to throw up.

 He was NOT pleased to be riding the swings... and the first few pictures I got are of him looking panicked.  But within seconds of the ride starting I got this picture- and he loved it.

 A much needed break- watching the Shouka {the whale} Show.  The kids could have kept going but I was definitely needing the shade and some time off!  Thanks Shouka!

 They have these misters all over the park- and sadly, I think it was Deacon's favorite part of the day, LOL.

 I don't even know if this can even be classified as a roller coaster... it was that small.  But Deacon was insanely proud of himself for riding it "by himself" (aka- without me). 

 Deacon LOVED this ride... and most kids his age have been riding it since they were Zac's age- but Deacon has always been terrified of them up until now.  I will say it was pretty fun watching how excited he was- but also pretty humorous that he was the oldest kid on this ride that was SO excited about it.

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