Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lazy Sunday

 I came outside and this is what I see... my mom moving the van with the boys in tow.  

 Bubbles go up in the air and we are super impressed by that.

 Building their new Lego set

 This toy was Deacon's absolute favorite when he was 2... and now Zac loves to play with it.  I love recycled toys!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Saturday

I woke up feeling *really* good today... I had gone all night without pain meds- though I did very much need one when I woke up, I was really happy that I got through the night.  And despite being in pain, I felt energized and motivated.  So we rested for a bit (though not long since Nana got up with the boys and let us sleep in until around 8:30) and then got dressed and headed out for a typical Saturday outing... the Davis Farmers Market.  It was a great day to be there... the boys got to play and I got to walk around in peace.  This is a perfect time of the year for the farmers market- everything looks and tastes amazing.  We even walked away with a new addition for our yard... I had mentioned how neat the leaves were of this plant and while I wasn't looking my mom bought it and surprised me with it later on <3  The boys got to plant the new plant... which of course was lots of fun for them- what boy doesn't love dirt?

I was beyond ready to lay down on the couch upon our return home- and there were many occasions, while we were out, that I felt clammy and in need of a park bench... but it felt SO good to get out for a while and do something fun with my fam bam.

Zachary and this other little boy LOVED that Damien and the other dad were reaching through the holes and getting them... their laughter was hysterical.

He's fearless when it comes to playground equipment... This slide is very high up and he loves it.  

 Yes, Zachary is without clothes... 

I try to teach my children- never stand close to Nana when she has a hose... or if you do stand close, make sure to be holding on to an expensive electronic (a camera works well).

Friday, August 26, 2011

The past week...

Oh thank goodness for my mom... she has been a lifesaver in helping with the boys, keeping my house clean (ok, who are we kidding... she first cleaned my house and has since kept it clean) and helping with the grocery shopping- I am absolutely grateful.  I think most moms can attest to the following- when mom is sick, it takes a lot longer for her to get better... because very rarely does mom take a break- or at least a long enough break to recover.  This time around, since my own mom was here helping force me to take a break, I really was able to completely STOP and just get better.  I spent almost the entire past week on the couch- where I watch my family run around like crazy... I like this view :)  Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better than I was last weekend, but I definitely still know when I've been overdoing it (and overdoing it typically means I am up and moving for more than an hour).

Here are some pictures of our past week...
 The boys got much needed haircuts... it was honestly the worst experience of my life at a hair salon.  Thank God they didn't mess up Zac's hair- I think I would have freaked out on them completely.  It was Deacon's hair that was horrid... but easy to fix, thankfully (though not by them!)

 The results of taking a bubble bath with your obnoxious 2 year old brother ;-)

 It's Dancey Dance time! (yo gabba gabba)

 It's always fun to kick mommy out of bed so he can do somersaults.

 "The Zachary"

 What my mom has been working on all week... in her spare time.

Nana Love.

So here's my update:
I was supposed to get my stent removed this past Thursday... but as luck would have it, the x-ray did not show us what we needed to see to get the stent removed.  If the doctor sees the broken up fragments of stone, it proves that the procedure was successful and they are able to remove the stent and let the stones pass... If they see the stone still lodged in the kidney, they know things didn't work and you need to move to plan b (typically this means doing the procedure one more time or going a different route... literally).  The problem with an x-ray of your abdomen is that it's right around a very gassy area- and unfortunately for us, the gassiness in my tummy that day was right over where my stone was lodged.  If you look at the x-ray closely enough, it looks like there is a stone still there- unmoved.  But, it's not even remotely clear enough to make that assumption.
My urologist said it could be one of three things:
1. The kidney stone completely broke up... into such small bits that we can't see them on the x-ray.  If this is the case, we can remove the stent and go on with my life.  This option makes me a little skeptical as the urologist made it seem like he should have been able to see *something* somewhere in my ureter indicating the broken up stone... and he didn't.  But he said it is possible.
2. The kidney stone didn't go anywhere and is still lodged in my ureter.
3. The kidney stone is still there, but relatively broken up- but it could use another go around of the lithotripsy to get it broken up a bit more...
So the next step is to go in for a CT scan this week... the CT scan shows a much clearer picture- though they try to avoid a CT scan because of how much radiation you are exposed to... but this is obviously necessary to figure out what's going on.  The stent still causes me pain and will continue to do so until it's removed... though thankfully I am able to function a lot better day by day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My mom is here :)

Most of the time my mom comes out to help Damien during my busy time... and then Christmastime, it's all about the boys.  She and I definitely get to spend quality time together, but I am personally usually not the main reason she's here... and when she comes in October I see very little of her due to my travel schedule. So when my mom showed up last night it was an entirely different feeling... I knew she was here for ME.  She was here to help with what I needed and to take care of me... I'll tell you what- you're never too old to need your mom when you're sick.  It was pretty amusing, however, when Deacon started listing his grand plan for her visit- and my mom stopped him and reminded him that this week she was here for me- and that she would be back in a few short weeks for a LONG visit (my busy time).  Deacon was quite confused by this idea- Grandma not focusing on him??!!! Blasphemy! ;-)

It's interesting to me that our kids have very little experience eating watermelon with seeds in the middle... but for the past year I really try to avoid the seedless watermelons- they have such little taste compared to the watermelons with seeds.  Anyway!  Leave it to Grandma to teach the kids how to properly eat a watermelon with black seeds.   

They were both pretty excited to find a snail... the poor snail was probably not as excited.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

In bed...

I've been spending a lot of time in bed... and it gets boring- thank goodness for the internet, DVR and two wild kids.  Zac, in particular, has enjoyed just spending his time with me in bed watching Peppa Pig or reading his favorite book... we also just sit there and chat and sing.  It's a huge change from the first day home from my procedure when I was minutes away from selling both my children on craigslist.

Things with my kidneys are going ok... I was expecting to be uncomfortable, but honestly could never have imagined this much pain and uneasiness.  My doctor told me I was not cleared to go to LA for work this week, which was really frustrating... but in all honesty it was also a relief.  I'm not supposed to be driving due to the pain meds I'm on... and the biggest issue is that when I stand for more than 10 minutes at a time I get really sick to my stomach and my pain increases dramatically.  I am SO thankful for our friend Ed who has been an absolute angel this week/weekend- he's helped pick up the kids, helped Damien with driving, and has kept me (and Damien company) when we need it.

But I was starting to feel badly that I was relying so much on Ed & Damien to get through the day... so I finally gave in and asked for more help- from my mom.  Damien had to go back to work on Monday and I knew I wasn't going to be able to take care of myself all day... this made Damien really nervous too, and he asked if I could just give in and ask my mom for help.  It comes as no surprise that my mom immediately said yes (and "I told you so") and 10 minutes later she had a plane flight for Sunday afternoon.

Thank God for great friends and family <3

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Super Hero!!!

{almost} Every night, Damien gets the boys out of the tub by playing "super hero."  There are two reasons for this game... The boys LOVE it and (more importantly) it gets them excited about getting out of the tub- thereby reducing the fighting.  Whenever it's Zac's turn he screams "SUPER HERO" (though it sounds more like, "soopa hee-wo!") and laughs hysterically.  I'll have to take pictures of Damien doing this with Deacon... let's just say I'm impressed that Damien can get Deacon so high- though I think Deacon's days as "super hero" are numbered.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kidney Troubles

I've not been too forth coming on my blog in regards to my kidney issues... I've been trying desperately to stay positive and upbeat despite an immense amount of pain.  Last week it was found that I had a very large stone stuck in my ureter almost entirely blocking the flow from my left kidney... and that I had a handful of stones actually in my kidney as well.  The concern was, of course, the one that was "stuck."  I got in with a urologist immediately- which doesn't really ever happen unless it's an emergency.  This guy currently has a 4 week wait to be seen and an even longer wait to get in to surgery... I saw him 2 days after he was notified of my problem and I was scheduled for my procedure in the first time slot on the first day the machine would be available to my urologist.  I spent this last week in some of the worst pain of my life... which magically disappeared (almost) entirely on Monday night.  I got to the hospital today with high hopes that my urologist would say that I didn't need a stent put in place and that I could get by with "just" doing the lithotripsy... he said we could do that as long as the stone had shown progress and if the stone appeared to be the softer variety.  A short trip to the radiology side of the hospital confirmed neither of those two things... so the stent was a go, unfortunately.

I never handle anesthesiology very well... but the past couple of times it hasn't been too terrible.  So again, I had high hopes that were squashed immediately upon coming out of it this afternoon.  I was awoken to my body convulsing in some of the most violent shakes I could ever imagine- I thought I was having a seizure.  The nurses had to essentially sit on me to get meds into my IV... my temperature started dropping, my head was throbbing and I started throwing up as well.  It was a nightmare and I couldn't even open my eyes to communicate that I was awake and terrified.  Thankfully we got that under control and I realized how much in pain I was "down there" from the stent... and that pain has stayed with me all day long.  The best way to describe this pain is how I felt when I was having unmedicated contractions...

So anyway, I really missed my boys today and I was so excited to get them home... but unfortunately for me, they were in HORRIBLE moods- seriously terrible.  I have not seen my children this poorly behaved in a long time... though I am 100% positive it didn't help that I was in pain and pretty drugged up.  Nonetheless, the kids were miserable and it made me so sad... so it was early bath time for them.  Thankfully for everyone, they calmed down after they got on their jams and we turned on Peppa Pig... it was so calm, in fact, that I was even able to fall asleep and Damien could snap some pictures.

Here's to a new day tomorrow... a healthy, bright and beautiful day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cute boy

 Dancing to some Veggie Tales song

 I love that what is in focus is his big belly.  I think we're due for some new jammies.

 He really wasn't being nasty in this picture... he was showing me his mouth.

 I adore these curls...
 ... but it is time for another hair cut.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Discovery Kingdom (Six Flags)

Today we left Zac home with a sitter and made the trip to the bay to go to Discovery Kingdom.  I debated for quite a while on whether or not I should go with my kidney situation the way it is, but thought that getting out and getting some fresh air could definitely do me some good... and it's not as if I had to ride everything or even keep up with the gang if I didn't want to.  Deacon did pretty well today- though it did take some coaxing to get him on the rides at first... and as the day wore on and he got more and more tired, his willingness to be brave started to fade.  But that's ok- this is definitely a good start... though I'm certain he hasn't worked his way up to being able to make a trip to Legoland quite yet (the deal is that if he can prove to me that Legoland wouldn't be a complete waste of my money, we can go there for his birthday).
 The first ride... The Cobra... Deacon was pretty brave- though the look on his face the entire ride was hilarious.  I thought he was going to throw up.

 He was NOT pleased to be riding the swings... and the first few pictures I got are of him looking panicked.  But within seconds of the ride starting I got this picture- and he loved it.

 A much needed break- watching the Shouka {the whale} Show.  The kids could have kept going but I was definitely needing the shade and some time off!  Thanks Shouka!

 They have these misters all over the park- and sadly, I think it was Deacon's favorite part of the day, LOL.

 I don't even know if this can even be classified as a roller coaster... it was that small.  But Deacon was insanely proud of himself for riding it "by himself" (aka- without me). 

 Deacon LOVED this ride... and most kids his age have been riding it since they were Zac's age- but Deacon has always been terrified of them up until now.  I will say it was pretty fun watching how excited he was- but also pretty humorous that he was the oldest kid on this ride that was SO excited about it.