Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Outdoor fun... and a date night for mommy & daddy

Zachary was playing the fiddle with nana outside... I think they did this for a good hour, LOL.

While Zac played fiddle, Deacon sat outside in tupperware while Grandpa mowed the yard... 

Zac LOVES this pony and plays with it all the time... I love that he plays with my old toys :)

Damien and I ditched my parents and went out with my friend, Alison and her husband Don... they're expecting their baby girl any day now- so I was thrilled to get a chance to hang out with just the 4 of us for a while.  After we had a nice relaxing (kid free) dinner, we came back to my parents house- and Zac was obsessed with the idea that Alison had a baby in her tummy... he couldn't get over it- and then came to me and asked where my "baby tummy" was... to which I just let him know that the added fat he sees is still his fault.  

And then the best, and most exciting, part of the night... time to catch fireflies.  The boys waited patiently by the door until 9pm- and then the fireflies came and they were SO excited.  Zac had to wear his "bug bracelet" which helps keep the mosquitos away... it works GREAT- though it stinks.  Zac also insisted on wearing a pair of nana's socks.

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