Thursday, July 14, 2011

Out and about...

Our day started off calmly... we wanted to take the boys out to the splash park downtown before it got too late- thinking that later in the day there would be a lot more people.  Well, lucky for us, there was absolutely no one there when we showed up... which makes sense considering how cold it was, LOL.  Nonetheless, the kids had a good time... even Zac- though it did take him a while.  Zac spent the first 5 minutes screaming "I GOT WET" (quite unhappily, I might add) every time water splashed on him.  Then my mom threw him in and all was well with the world.

On the way home from the splash park we passed Griffin airport and the boys wanted to see the airplanes... a simple trip to see the airplanes and eat lunch turned into a quick ride over Sandusky thanks to an old high school friend working behind the counter who gave us a great deal.  We decided against taking Zac up with us... which made him pretty sad- but honestly I don't think he would have enjoyed himself much with how noisy it was.  Deacon, however, loved it... and talked about it for days after.

{this is the neighborhood where I grew up... my old house in the top right corner}

After a busy morning the boys wanted to go to the "Enchanted Forrest" by my parents house... so we all walked over there- even Milo.  We ended our day with a ride on Grandpa's lawn mower... though Zac was NOT having any of that- he was happy as can be just watching, but the minute we suggested he ride too, he panicked, LOL.

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