Monday, July 18, 2011

The Gerold's are here!!!

I haven't seen my brother and his family in over a year- so I think I was just as excited to see them as Deacon was!  It was no surprise that Deacon and Andrew hit it off like the last time they saw each other... but what was super cute was how much Zachary adored his cousin "LaLa" (aka, Lauren).  I was even getting jealous with the lack of time I got to spend with Lauren AND Zachary because they got along so well- my favorite memory is the morning Zac "helped" Lauren get ready... he, of course, came out of Lauren's room with some blush and lip gloss on.  Andrew and Deacon have spent the majority of their time practicing baseball (Andrew's favorite thing to do)... Deacon knows very little about baseball, so thankfully Andrew is super patient and willing to teach Deacon... we took some time away from baseball to spend a bit of time at the beach- and again had to pry the children away when it was time to go.

We celebrated Mike's birthday... with a peanut butter/fudge cookie and a fish fry.  Zachary loved hearing us sing Happy Birthday to Mike, but then wanted us to sing to him so he could blow out the candles... we had to do this 3 times.

On Monday the boys all went up to Akron to the Pro-Football Hall of Fame (yes, even Deacon and Damien went... just ask them how much fun they had, LOL).  While they were in Akron, I went to Put-in-Bay with Lauren and Jeana (Nana and Zachary stayed home)... we had a nice afternoon- but coming home was quite the adventure- a bad storm hit while we were in the middle of the bay.  The boat actually had to stop moving for a bit while the storm passed.  Talk about motion sickness!

We had a really fun couple of days getting Andrew and Lauren (oh, and my brother and his wife too, LOL) all to ourselves before the next round of cousins show up... but man are we excited to see cousins Sarah and Emma!!!

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