Sunday, July 3, 2011

Feeding the ducks...

We love feeding the ducks... and by "we" I mean everyone but me.  However!- I love that the ducks at the "under the bridge farmers market" are behind these neat little fences... so they can't really get me us.  For a month now we've been saving the cut-off crusts from our sandwiches to go feed these ducks... and all the kids were super excited to head over there today.  But unfortunately the ducks were in no mood to eat our food- not even the bread with peanut butter/jelly on it.  Can't say I blame them... it was over 100 degrees and we were throwing the food in the direct sun.  No bueno says the ducks.  Despite the fact that the kids just spent 10-15 minutes throwing bread into the water, they had a great time- and that's all that matters.
 There's this lady who walks around the park with an ice cream cart... she stops in the middle of the park and will not budge until someone buys some ice cream.  She seriously stands there ringing this stupid bell for at least 10 minutes... which doesn't seem like a long time- but it is!  So we finally caved after listening to our kids beg for this ice cream... which was the most expensive ice cream I've ever purchased (but oh so worth it, if you ask the kids!)


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