Wednesday, July 20, 2011

African Safari & Cedar Point

Once again we made our way out to African Safari... and once again I sat in the front seat screaming most of the time.  Aside from getting yelled at from some random guy for throwing a carrot into his car, a good time was had by all {sort of}.  
 {I took so few pictures of Deacon because he and Emma were moving around the back seat so fast- and all the pictures I took were so blurry}

 {we thought these signs were so peculiar}

After African Safari, Damien, Lauren, Sarah, Matt and Mike headed off to Cedar Point while the rest of us came home to rest... At 5pm we joined the big kids for some "fun" at the park.  Unfortunately for the Eversmann family, a good time wasn't entirely in the cards... Zac was NOT happy to be at a hot park, and Deacon was an inch too short for every.single.ride aside from the baby/family rides.  It was quite sad... especially since the rest of the cousins were able and willing to ride all the "fun" rides.  Zac and I went home about 30 minutes after we got there... and thankfully Deacon did have a good time overall.  And I got my taffy.  

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Natalie said...

Hmmm...maybe I DON"T want to take a CP trip this mom always used to have us wear high shoes or put carpet on the bottom of them. INCH?! that stinks.