Friday, June 17, 2011


Grandma's here BACK!  I know I've said it a million times before... but my mom is AMAZING- she came back into town to help us out with childcare while Tanier is on vacation for 2 weeks ( dad rocks too for "letting" all this happen).  We kept it a secret from Deacon up until the day she was coming... though even then we didn't tell him that she was coming that night- we let him think that she was coming the next night... mainly because she wasn't getting in until midnight and I know that he wouldn't have let her sleep past 5am if he knew she was here.

I'm so happy we decided to have my mom come and help us out... originally Deacon was going to go to Cal Fit summer camp these next two weeks and Zac was going to get a nanny.  Well, the nanny part would have been fine... but after a day like Monday and Tuesday, I am SO happy to not be sending Deacon to Cal Fit anymore.  Poor kid had a hard time with some not so nice kids, a counselor who was unaware that he had to play by himself a lot and who was also unaware that he had to sit by himself at lunch (because there weren't enough seats at the table with the rest of the kids), and lastly- he came home with a HORRIBLE sunburn (seriously I have never seen him burnt so badly).  I was so sad... and thankfully I got a refund for the remaining days I had paid for.

But despite the not so great summer camp, Deacon was in GREAT spirits when he found out about Grandma... and both boys have been having a great time.  On Friday we took Deacon to his first musical- Mary Poppins... he did such a great job staying up late, but we did end up leaving at intermission because he fell asleep.

{picture taken on my iphone}

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omg i just love your fam jam.