Friday, June 24, 2011

Someone is feeling better

The obsession continues... though it's becoming progressively stranger.  Now he can only truly play "lawn mower guy" if he has on his hat and sun glasses... but we laugh so hard when he does it that most of the time he won't come out and show us- he hides.  LOL.  But this first picture is of him hiding from my mom and I laughing at him... The second picture is of him being "lawn mower guy" blowing away the leaves with his "back-pack blower." 

The boy is a monkey... though I'm thinking all boys are like this.  

I told Zac that I wasn't feeling well so he came over to lay with me... it's always so restful to sleep with a blanket over your face with a toddler screaming "peek boo!" at you incessantly.  

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