Thursday, June 23, 2011

Perfect timing...

As much as I hate that Zac is sick... this time around, it really is perfect timing.  First of all, he got sick right after my mom shows up- which is SO helpful... Damien and I are able to continue working and Zac is able to take all the time he needs to get better- and Nana is a super spoiler.  Secondly, he hasn't been sick for a while... so he was due- and I've been worried that he was going to get sick either the day after my mom left (which would mean time off work...) or, even worse, he would get sick right as we were leaving for our trip back to Ohio.  So, I'm sad that my boy is so pathetic and sick... but the timing is just right- which rarely happens.

And talk about spoiling the kids... even though Grandma is here to help us out with childcare while Tanier is on vacation, Deacon STILL got to go to "Lego Camp" this week.  He was SO excited- and it ended up working out perfectly- with Zac being sick, my mom isn't able to leave the house too much, so Deacon would have gotten stir crazy... Lego camp is only 3 hours a day and there are a few of his Carden friends in attendance, which he thinks is really cool.  

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