Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday night favorites...

I've mentioned before that Zac is absolutely obsessed with our gardener- or as we now refer to him, the "lawn mower guy."  Friday night is our favorite night of the week... we eat dinner, watch some t.v. and {not so} patiently wait for "lawn mower guy" to arrive.  After he leaves we take baths and then play a while before bed... and the game Zachary always chooses to play on a Friday night after bathtime?- "Lawn Mower Guy."  He grabs whatever toy catches his attention and starts yelling, "Mama! I LAWN MOWER GUY!!!"... all while running around the upstairs making the sounds a lawn mower and leaf blower (aka "back pack blower") would make.  Good times.

1 comment:

Gina Thomas said...

i'm going to need more from you. i need a video of this lawn mower guy running around bit by zack:)