Saturday, June 4, 2011

Deacon's Birthday Party

Way back in January I won a birthday party from the silent auction at Carden's crab feed... it was a party worth $250- I got it for $117!!!  I was so excited because I knew Deacon would LOVE a Taekwondo party at Robinson's... he's been to a party there before and talked about it for weeks.

So two nights before the party (less than 48 hours, actually) I realize something- I haven't ordered a cake.  How in the world does someone forget a cake?!?!  So at 8:30pm I called Raley's and ask how much notice they need for a cake... 24 hours.  Perfect, I'll be there in the morning... "you have Lego cakes, right?"- NOPE.  Ugh.  Deacon was going to be crushed.  Quick google search: homemade Lego cakes.  Quickly I realize I was not going to be making a Lego cake in that short of notice.  So I think to myself... "Call your amazing friend Joline... she'll help you out" (with less than 48 hours to make the thing?- with a child, an almost full time job and life in the way???- sure, she'll throw everything aside for you, Amanda!).  And guess what folks?  She said "yes"- she would, of course, help me out.  HUGE thank you, Joline... you rock.

Day of the party... all but 2 children have said they would be here- I'll be honest, I wasn't banking on that!  But I was excited- and Deacon was ecstatic.  The party did not disappoint... the kids had an absolute blast... and Deacon got to be a black belt for the day- which he thought was amazing.  His favorite part was being in control of the whole party- he got to demonstrate everything, choose which activities to do, pick the people to go first... he ruled the roost.

I always get oddly emotional at birthday parties... I see all these kids and families- and they're all here to celebrate our little boy and his birthday.  And all these faces are of people who love him - and he loves them right back.  It's interesting to see how his parties have evolved since he turned one... of course they change - but at the time of his first birthday I thought the friends at his party would be at every single party from here out... I couldn't imagine a different group of friends... both for him and me.  And some of those friends have stayed constant at we have EVER had for this boy... and some are new friends.  But no matter, it's perfect for now.  And I'm sure in five more years I'll be saying how perfect things are- and I'm so excited for those years to come.

So without further ado- pictures.  Taken by my amazingly talented friend (I have a lot of talented friends, you'll learn), Annette Wamser (she also did our Christmas photos this year).  I hired Annette to come take pictures so I could enjoy the party... and I'll tell you what- this was the BEST decision I have ever made regarding a party.  If you're in Sacramento and this would interest you, let me know, and I'll give you her contact info... you will NOT be disappointed- on top of the great pictures, her prices are even better :)

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