Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainy Day...

First of all... it rained today- very appropriate day for gloomy weather since Grandma left today :(  I won't lie, I do love a good rain- but I much prefer a midwest thunderstorm due to the warmth that generally accompanies it.  Today?  It was freezing... not typical of a Sacramento summer.  But nonetheless, the little bit of rain was kind of nice... and the best part of having rain is that around our new house it means the snails all come out to play.  Zac stood by the back door all afternoon/evening just waiting to see a snail and when he finally saw one he started screaming "SNAKE! SNAKE!"  The boys were excited to go out and see the snail... and oddly enough, this snail wasn't too shy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Need Help!

Ok friends and family, I need some help (no cheap shots, please, LOL)...

I recently purchased another Groupon for Canvas on Demand- I have a 16x20 canvas from them that I bought over Christmas and I love it... I was very excited to get another one.  But my problem is that I cannot narrow down which picture to use as my new canvas print.  So I'm going to post a handful of pictures and I want you to vote for your favorites... or vote for the ones you DON'T think I should use.

Please keep in mind the following:
- We have a TON of framed pictures of Deacon... we had his picture taken yearly and each year got a 8x10 picture framed in an even bigger frame/matte.  We have one picture like this of Zachary.
- My house is anything but formal... so all these pictures would go well somewhere in the house.  "fit" is not a concern for me.

Please comment here, email me, or post on facebook what you think...















Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trip to Sonic...



A month ago Dawn called asking if I would let Aiden AND Allison come over for a sleepover while she and Cory went to Reno to party it up... I, of course, said yes- because I'm just a really nice friend :)  A few days ago I got "the call"- they wanted to go to Reno this weekend... and as luck would have it, this weekend was perfect for us since my mom was here to help us in our endeavor to play house with 4 children.  But we had nothing to worry about... these 4 kids were a dream (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration... but they weren't bad).

Friday, June 24, 2011

Someone is feeling better

The obsession continues... though it's becoming progressively stranger.  Now he can only truly play "lawn mower guy" if he has on his hat and sun glasses... but we laugh so hard when he does it that most of the time he won't come out and show us- he hides.  LOL.  But this first picture is of him hiding from my mom and I laughing at him... The second picture is of him being "lawn mower guy" blowing away the leaves with his "back-pack blower." 

The boy is a monkey... though I'm thinking all boys are like this.  

I told Zac that I wasn't feeling well so he came over to lay with me... it's always so restful to sleep with a blanket over your face with a toddler screaming "peek boo!" at you incessantly.  

Sometimes it's just really hard to be Zachary...



Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting out of the house...

Today I realized that my poor mom and Zachary hadn't left the house in 3 days... Granted, I don't think either has minded too much, but still- that's a long time to be cooped up!- not to mention it's so hot out, that all the windows are closed, so I was starting to think that all the Zachary germs were just recirculating all around us... it was time to get out and get some fresh {albeit extremely HOT} air.  Off to the Davis Farmers Market, Music in the Park night!  Both boys had a nice time, but Zac really got into it (no surprise that the music baby got into it and Deacon was only slightly amused...).  Unfortunately it was one of the hottest days of the year and still at 530 it was close to 100 degrees outside with little breeze and little shade.  Zac wanted, so badly, to play on the play structure and in the bounce houses... 

... but within 30 minutes he was wheezing, coughing and sweating terribly... but he wouldn't rest- he was pretty delirious.  
 Thankfully he stopped for a few to meet a new friend and enjoy some music... but even that only lasted a bit.  

 All in all, it was a nice evening... but a bit lot too hot.  It's hard to be the boy.  

Perfect timing...

As much as I hate that Zac is sick... this time around, it really is perfect timing.  First of all, he got sick right after my mom shows up- which is SO helpful... Damien and I are able to continue working and Zac is able to take all the time he needs to get better- and Nana is a super spoiler.  Secondly, he hasn't been sick for a while... so he was due- and I've been worried that he was going to get sick either the day after my mom left (which would mean time off work...) or, even worse, he would get sick right as we were leaving for our trip back to Ohio.  So, I'm sad that my boy is so pathetic and sick... but the timing is just right- which rarely happens.

And talk about spoiling the kids... even though Grandma is here to help us out with childcare while Tanier is on vacation, Deacon STILL got to go to "Lego Camp" this week.  He was SO excited- and it ended up working out perfectly- with Zac being sick, my mom isn't able to leave the house too much, so Deacon would have gotten stir crazy... Lego camp is only 3 hours a day and there are a few of his Carden friends in attendance, which he thinks is really cool.  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

I consider myself pretty fortunate... I am surrounded by amazing fathers- my own dad, my husband and some amazing friends.  I also have friends who have no children who are going to be great dads someday- who treat my children with such love.  I am lucky... and I certainly do not take all this for granted.

To my dad... Happy Father's Day.  I am so sorry for two things- one, that I am not there on Father's Day to give you a huge hug in person... and two, that I even took mom away from you this year.  I'm hoping that Milo got my message about treating you well today: no throwing up, no giving grandpa "the look," no nagging for extra walks and no begging for food.  I certainly have my doubts that Milo followed my rules, but one can dream.  Thanks for always being such an amazing dad... and thank you now for being an awesome Bee-Ba to my kids.  We love you :)

To my baby daddy... you truly embody what it means to be a dad- and I know this job isn't easy... but thanks for coming on this journey with me.  I don't know how we did it, but we've got some pretty good kids... and while they're pretty crappy sleepers, I'm pretty sure they're near perfect besides that- and I'm totally sure that's all because of us :)  (let's just ignore the wee-one who loves to say "no" and the not-so-wee-one who now enjoys rolling his eyes and questioning our every move...).

Father's Day was a good day for us... and even though Zac isn't feeling great, we made the most of it.  We started off our morning sleeping in (8:15- Woo!) and headed off to Panera (Deacon's choice)... after breakfast we cleaned for a bit (well, my mom and I cleaned, Damien was on kid duty... it's Father's Day, he deserves some "male bonding time," right???)- and then we went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 with Ed & Logan.  SUCH a good movie... I'm a fan.  After the movie we came back here for some fun in the sprinklers and dinner... all in all, I would say a good day :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day celebrations begin... Now.

In this family we  I tend to make holiday's and special occasions last more than just a day... one day never seems to be truly enough.  So we started celebrating Father's Day today... first off, swimming at Cal Fit... then friends over for playtime and dinner.  Our friend, Ed, has been working a lot on his new backyard so I thought his son, Logan, would like to participate in our annual Father's Day project.  I've had Deacon (and Zac) make these every year except for last year- and they always turn out really cute... this year was no exception (toot toot my own horn!).  I was pleasantly surprised that even Zac did quite well with helping out too :)

After dinner the boys had some much needed "relaxation time" (their words, not mine) while eating their popsicles... and, as Logan adamantly agreed to- it's hard to be a kid.  LOL.

Cute kids...