Saturday, May 28, 2011

What we did today(a post for my own benefit)

As I've said multiple times... this blog is just as much a "baby book" as it is anything else- so bear with me while I give a rundown of Deacon's birthday!

Deacon woke up at 5:45am... this isn't too out of the ordinary- the kid is typically up by 6:30 at the latest.  He came into our room asking if he could go downstairs just to look at his gifts- I angrily grunted "no" and made him go back to bed with the threat of taking away one of his gifts if he bothered me again before 7:15am.  So at 7:15 on the dot he was back in our room... and we were downstairs less than 5 minutes later opening gifts- thankfully Zac was still asleep so we didn't have to deal with any fights.  His Elmo "Happy Birthday" sign was hung over the fireplace... the same sign he's had since he turned one.  Deacon got a couple Lego sets, Mighty Beans, Scooby-Doo videos and a Bakugan.

For breakfast he requested a chocolate chip muffie from Panera and a hash brown from McDonalds... so we went to Panera first and then ate at McDonalds.  We went back home and Deacon played Legos while Damien and I started preparation for dinner/cake.  At 11:30, Deacon and I got ready and headed off to Skyla's birthday party... Skyla is a good friend from Carden- and she had a POOL party today, even though the high for today was a chilly 68 degrees.  I thought Deacon might mind the cold weather, but he didn't give it a second thought... along with every other child there, Deacon played in the pool the entire time.  They all had such a great time... and I actually enjoyed myself too- I won't lie, I wasn't looking forward to sitting out in the cold for a couple hours watching Deacon swim... but thankfully the company was good and the sun popped out for a while.

For dinner we had Ed over and served the usual Deacon birthday meal... spaghetti and meatballs- and of course cake for dessert.  The spaghetti turned out great, but the cake- not so much.  The cake tasted ok- but it looked ridiculous and the consistency of the frosting was SO weird... I honestly have no clue what I did wrong.  The cake is a box mix and the frosting is homemade (my Grandma's recipe)- I wish I knew what I did wrong, because I have honestly never messed this up before.  Oh well, at least it tasted good.

Deacon had a great 6th birthday... he enjoyed the attention- a bit too much at times, even.  At one point he said to me, "mommy, you guys should thank me for having a birthday and for choosing all these good meals and good places to spend our day." -- ummm, no Deacon, that's not how it works buddy.  And Zac is at an age where birthdays are going to start getting difficult- because each time we sang "happy birthday" to Deacon he would stop us and say, "No! It Zachary turn!!!"

All-in-all, a very good day...

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