Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Internet friends...

I'm a big sap when it comes to the internet... I'll defend facebook to the death and I love blogging and checking my email.  Why?  Because it brings me closer to the people I love... and it has helped bring people into my life I would have never otherwise met- and I am so thankful for meeting these people.  Not many can say they met their best friends online... you mainly hear the love stories- which I guess you could say we have a love story... just not in the kissy sense ;-)  Without an online message board (and two annoying husbands- mine and Lisa's), I would have never met my California friends... And again, a message board brought Heidi and I together many years ago- she lives in the midwest (though no where near Ohio) so we had never met in person... but I truly feel like I know Heidi better than I know a lot of people.  So it comes as no surprise that I was thrilled to hear that Heidi, her husband (Tahd) and her son (Gabe) would be visiting Sacramento this week... and what I love about "knowing" someone for so long online is that when you finally meet in person, it's as if you've been "in real life" friends forever.  We had a great time- and our kids hit it off immediately (bonding over mighty beans and Legos).

It's sad to say "goodbye"- knowing that we may never meet IRL (in real life) again... but it's also nice knowing I'll "see" Heidi (and her family) nearly everyday online.

Watching the Diet Coke & Mento's explosion... the one that lasts all of 10 seconds (at the most)

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