Saturday, May 28, 2011

Deacon turns SIX!!!

You know, every year I look at Deacon and cannot believe how big he's gotten... I have always been amazed at how much he does and how much he knows.  I honestly can hardly even remember him as a baby- I remember the toddler and pre-school days... but even those days are blurry for me, and that's so sad.  Every year I think that he is so independent- and that he's such a big boy... and then the following year I look back at the previous year and think... "wow, he looked so YOUNG!!!"  But man, SIX?  It's just so old... after this summer he'll be starting first grade- he's actually in a real grade- not "pre-school" or "kindergarten"- he's in a numbered grade.  And to think, six short years ago today, I was laying in my hospital bed holding this sweet {but large} baby boy in my arms... six years old seemed light years away.  All I could think about was that moment... that he was finally here with me.  This child who was so wanted and so hard to get... he was finally mine.  And now I have a boy- not a baby... a boy who still loves his mama more than most anything in life.  A boy who has finally found something to really bond over with his daddy... Legos- and these simple little toys have brought the two of them together in ways I could have never imagined a toy could.  This boy who once didn't care at all about his little brother, now knows how to be a kind and sweet BIG brother- and, the majority of the time, seems to even enjoy his big brother duties {but shhhhh... don't say anything- can't ruin his image}.  

Deacon... I could not be more proud of you- plain and simple.  You have been the light of my world now for 6 years... you have taught me more about life than anything else in my 31 years.  I'm not always winning the awards for "mother of the year"- but I really do try, even though I know there are days when it doesn't seem like it.  Thank you for always being so patient with me- it's a trait that neither your dad nor I possess... and I have no clue where you learned such patience- but thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being such a sweet sweet boy.  No matter what, I love you more than anything... 

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